RAVPower Bolt Review: One Great 6 Port USB Charger

I have so many USB charging devices it is unreal from my 2 iPads, the kids 2 Kindle Fire HDX devices, 2 Tablet Express Dragon Touch tablets, 2 iPhone 5S, 1 HTX One X Remix, Several wireless headsets that charge via USB and external batteries which charge via USB.  I can’t tie up my PC ports or have a 1:1 wall outlet per device charging system, so something like the RAVPower Bolt 6 Port USB Charger is perfect for my house.

Here is my unboxing of the RAVPower Bolt 6 Port USB Desktop Charger

This RavPower Bolt 6 Port charger works and works well, it also charges devices very fast.  I can easily charge 3 tablets at the same time and 2 smart phones and it allows me to create a centralized charging station where everyone knows where to go and put their devices to charge.

The device has intelligent ports that adjust to the power input of the device you have plugged in, so it always outputs the right amount of power to keep your devices charged.  Just note that the left 3 most ports are 2.4A output ports, the 3 right ports are 1A output for smartphones only. The RAVPower Bolt 6 port USB charge is 50watt and 10Amp total output and this makes for a fantastic way to keep many USB devices charging at the same time.  Note this is a USB charging station and only used for charging USB devices, it isn’t a hub and doesn’t connect to your computer in any way.  I had several readers ask about these type of devices thinking they also acted as a computer hub and they do not.

– Brand: RAVPower
– Model: RP-UC10
– Type: 6 Port USB Wall Charger
– Input:AC100-240V,50-60HZ,1.3A Max
– iSmart output 1: DC5V,2.4A max
– iSmart output 2: DC5V,2.4A max
– iSmart output 3: DC5V,2.4A max
– iSmart output 4: DC 5V,1A max
– iSmart output 5: DC 5V,1A max
– Ismart output 6: DC 5V,1A max

Package Included:
– 1 * RAVPower 6-Port USB Wall Charger
– 1 * Detachable Power Cord
– 1 * Instruction Manual
– 1 * Warranty Card

The RAVPower Bolt 6 Port USB Charger is a solid product and gets 5 stars from me for what it does.  Honestly for $26.99 on Amazon.com at the time of this writing this product is well worth it and I highly recommend it.


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