I Really Could Use Indoor Navigation Systems for Malls

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Despite my ability to navigate very well online and around the web to find things I am looking for I find I have always lacked this direction sense in the real world when traversing through large entertainment venues like malls, large hotels, exhibition centers and airports.  I am one of those people that stares for too much time at those indoor maps that say “You Are Here” and then try to decode the floor level and store numbers to determine how best to arrive at the shop that my wife told me to meet her at.  It doesn’t help that I happen to have anxiety around crowds, this causes me to always have an unconformable feeling and be on edge whenever I walk in areas with a large population and I don’t have the ability to take inventory of everyone around me in a fast enough fashion.

So I always have loved Google Maps for all my outdoor navigation, but I did read about how Visioglobe has indoor navigation solutions and these mapping solutions enable users to find their way easily, using a mobile app, website or kiosk.  I mean if I could pull out my phone and have real time GPS navigation that shows me where every store is and distance in a mall with direction turning instructions this would be ideal for me and save me a lot of wasted time and reduce my anxiety in big malls.

It could be used to navigate to various terminals in an airport, baggage claim and other areas.  How often do airports now have a separate area for ride share compared to regular taxi or pick up and you have to constantly peer up hoping you don’t miss the right signs to get to the right area.  For hospitals it can be even worse trying to find the right department as hospitals now offer more outpatient services and procedures and these are scattered possibly on various floors and wings.  I usually have to be led or directed by a front office staff member to arrive at the right location like when I went for my most recent ultrasound of my stomach.

School campuses are another location that should leverage facility related GPS navigation, sure Google Maps can show you the location of the college but which building is English 200 in?  You have all these building letters and numbers and they are grouped in clusters but until you learn the system and are familiar after going there for months you can be left wondering where one building is in relation to another and the quickest way to get there when you have to rush from one class to the next.

Yep, no doubt about it I think that indoor navigation systems or in-depth onsite navigation systems should be more common place and I would like to see one in the Carlsbad Mall as well as MiraCosta University here in Southern California to make my life a little easier.

Have you ever had a situation where you found yourself lost in an indoor mall or spend way too much time trying to find the building or store you were looking for?  Share your story.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.