Redragon M690 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review and Giveaway

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I review a lot of gaming mice and it takes me some time to get used to each new mouse that I try out.  The Redragon M690 Gaming Mouse also known as the Mirage gaming mouse is a 4800DPI 8 Button Wireless mouse that will fit most gamers budgets.  I found that the mouse exceeded my expectations based on the cost of the mouse and is a great option for people who just don’t like having a cord dragging across the top of their mousepad or prefer not to be tethered.  It has a verified 20′ range, but haven’t tested it out to 15 meters as that is far enough away I wouldn’t be able to see my screen to see if the mouse cursor was even moving.

Redragon M690 Unboxing Video

Pulling it out of the box and initial testing with my hands around the Redragon Mirage showed that this wireless gaming mouse had a decent weight to it, even though it does not come with adjustable weights it is far heavier than the Zeus P1 mouse and that feel I actually really like when using a gaming mouse.  The buttons were long and allowed me to extend my fingers fully to click the buttons or hold them cramped up in a claw style and still click the mouse with ease.

It may be biased but I love the Redragon logo, to me it is one of the coolest brand logo’s on the market and this is probably because it is similar to our own Dragon Blogger logo a little bit and that I love all things related to dragons.  The logo illuminates a bright red, but this red LED glow can be seen from the scroll wheel and the side grill of the mouse as well.

The Redragon M690 has textured sides with 3 slits to allow for air flow, this means your hands don’t get as sweaty as you get some airflow, there isn’t fans to help blow air but the air vents are nice.  The texture and the thumb rest are really comfortable and help with your grip.

The Redragon Mirage Mouse has 3 thumb buttons, the two standard ones on top plus one that is toward the front of the mouse. This gives you that extra key that can be set to a keyboard key.  There is no Redragon Mouse Drivers or Software that I could find that would let me create macro’s or leverage it more like a true gaming mouse however, so you are left to what you can configure with Windows or other freeware that lets you set mice buttons to keys.

Here are some extra shots of the red glow coming from the Redragon M690 Mirage Wireless Gaming Mouse.

Here is a picture of my hand on the gaming mouse with my thumb on the Mirage thumb rest.  The 3 buttons are very easy to reach and access from your thumb.

Now the mouse pairs without issue and it has a switch with 3 modes which are Off, On, Eco.  Eco is basically on but with no LED light glowing to conserve battery life.  While using the mouse you will find that if you walk away from your computer your mouse will power off (go to sleep) and require you to click a mouse button to wake it up, you cannot wake your mouse just by moving it which I would have preferred but this is not uncommon for wireless gaming mice to require a click to wake them up.

I did find a few quirks in the mouse that occasionally occurred but were quick to fix, one is that the DPI settings are fixed, and if you press rapidly the down DPI button too frequently it can cause the mouse to freeze and not work or lose signal with the receiver.  It only happened if I rapid pressed the down DPI button more than 3-5 times, I did it once by accident then learned I could reproduce it at will.  If you accidentally find the mouse not working fear not, you can re-sync or re-calibrate the mouse by simply unplugging and re-plugging in the USB receiver then hold the scroll wheel button down and hold the right mouse button down at the same time for about 3-5 seconds.  You will know when the mouse resyncs as you can see the cursor move again and you may see the red light change on the Redragon M690 Mouse.

Overall it is a solid 4 star gaming mouse that just has a few missing features like macro customizations in the buttons and some software to give you more DPI control.  I did find that going from a 12000 DPI gaming mouse to a 4800 DPI gaming mouse made a difference, though I really liked the weight and feel of the Redragon M690 it probably is a great fit for almost every game type except certain FPS games where you need incredible accuracy and precision to line up headshots very quickly when sliding the mouse.  I had no issues playing Overwatch with it for example or Elite: Dangerous but I am not a sniper and I don’t use that precision level when shooting.

Enter to Win the Redragon M690 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Here is your chance to win one of these gaming mice, I had a spare 2nd unit and I am giving it away to one fan who wants it.  I will ship to U.S. for free, but note if you enter from outside the US and you want me to ship Internationally you will have to pay shipping cost which will likely exceed the cost of the mouse so it is probably best to keep this as a U.S. only giveaway.
Redragon M690 Wireless Gaming Mouse Giveaway


You can also check out the Redragon M805 Hydra Max which is an excellent gaming mouse.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.