Repair Slipping Computer Mouse Scroll Wheel

I’ve faced the problem of slipping of the scroll wheel more than a couple of times with my computer mouse. Naturally I was inquisitive enough to try and repair it myself. Since it is a pretty common problem with my friends too, you might find this useful.

Repair Computer Mouse Scroll

You should do this only if you are sure you won’t damage the internal circuitry or mouse body. So here’s what I did and would advise you to do:

1.Carefully open up the mouse by unscrewing the two parts (use a star-edged screwdriver or a pen-knife or nail-cutter knife) without damaging it.

2.Remove the rubber layer over the scroll wheel (if there is one) carefully.

3.Carefully and gently remove the wheel from its location with your fingers (don’t use anything to pry open the wheel).

4.Use a thin paintbrush or piece of cheese-cloth to clean the wheel and the regions where it is fixed to the body of the mouse.

5.Now replace the wheel at its location and screw together the parts of the mouse’s body.

If your mouse scroll wheel could have been repaired for slipping, it should be done by now!

Please share your experiences with us. Any accidental damage to your computer mouse isn’t my responsibility though :)

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