Review of the Kinivo BTX450 Bluetooth Speaker

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We get a lot of products to review here at and one of the most common products we get sent is Bluetooth speakers to review.  The reason is that they are increasing in popularity and so many different brands are making them that many brands know that we have reviewed so many and want us to review their model and compare because they know we will be 100% honest in our review and we have a lot of brands to compare theirs against.  So when Kinivo sent me the BTX450  Bluetooth Speaker, I knew that this 10 watt speaker was in the middle to upper tier of Bluetooth speakers based on the size and specs of it, but also when it arrived I knew by the construction and how heavy it was that this was going to be a solid product.

See my unboxing of the Kinivo BTX450 Bluetooth Speaker

Now, since the video I have used this speaker for numerous activities including to listening to my Spotify music playlists, listening to my own Dragoncast podcasts, as well as listening to a variety of TV shows and movies both streamed from Netflix and Amazon VOD through the speaker paired with an iPad 2 and my Dell XPS 18 All in One Touch PC.  I can tell you the speaker pairs flawlessly with any device, and it has a great memory for previous devices, I tested up to 5 but I believe it will support up to 8 devices in memory that it paired with.

I will tell you that the sound clarity is excellent from this speaker, it is sharp, crisp and there is no bass distortion when listening to music even when the volume is maxed out it is still pretty clear compared to most other Bluetooth speakers I have reviewed.  This speaker had better volume and clarity for when we watched Suits, Perception and Falling Skies than any other Bluetooth speaker including one that I recently reviewed that cost almost twice as much as the Kinivo BTX450.

Now, what it makes up for in clarity it lacks in deep bass sound, while I found this to be an overall positive and I always prefer clarity over deep bass that may cause some audio distortion, this may not be perfect if you want a very bass heavy sound from your Bluetooth speaker, note that you won’t find any Bluetooth speakers in the under $60 price range that actually have really good deep bass, this one has about the best I have heard out of any Bluetooth speaker under $60.

I got more than 5 hours of continuous play out of the speaker and can confirm it probably went past 6 hours before it powered itself off and needed to be charged again but I got distracted somewhere after 5 1/2 hours and lost the exact time when it finally lost it’s charge.  It says 6 hours on the Amazon listing and I can pretty much attest it was very close if not a little over 6 hours.  One of the features I really liked about the Kinivo BTX450 Bluetooth speaker is that when you have it plugged into an A/C outlet you can also plug your phone in via USB to your speaker and it will pass through the charge, charging itself and your phone at the same time.

The Kinivo BTX450 also comes with an auxiliary cable so that if you have any non-Bluetooth compatible devices you can still use your headset out jack to output to this wonderful speaker.  One other thing of note, is that most Bluetooth speakers can also double over as speakerphones for your iPhone or smartphone, being able to pick up calls and let you converse as a speakerphone, this one is purely a speaker for listening to music, the Kinivo BTX450 is not designed to also serve as a speakerphone, so this speaker does not support hands free calling.  The only other disadvantage too is that you can’t use it on battery only to emergency charge a smartphone, it can only charge via USB while it is plugged into A/C which is a feature found in some Bluetooth speakers.

Other than the above, minor features lacking I dare to say that the Kinivo BTX450 is the best sounding Bluetooth speaker I personally have reviewed in the under $100 price range, and despite it’s lack of speakerphone unless you absolutely want that in your Bluetooth speaker, you will not be disappointed by the sound quality and clarity, especially when you max out the volume and hear no distortion whatsoever.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.