Promaker X-Pro Tights Giveaway

You may have seen Kona’s review of the Promaker X-Pro Tights a few weeks ago and while tights are normally not a product we typically review here on Amazon what made these tights special was the PROMESH pockets which allowed you to slip your smartphone into and be able to use and touch your smartphone screen through the mesh pocket.  What this means is you can do your workout and still navigate your play/pause/forward from your hip without having to take your phone out.  Check out Kona’s review and see why this is one of they very few 5 star products we have seen here at Dragon Blogger

Meanwhile, I posted a question on the Dragon Blogger Fanpage if readers would be interested if we gave one a way, and a few women (and a few men) responded saying they would be interested in it, so we decided to launch the Promaker X-Pro Tights giveaway in partnership with Promaker.  They are willing to ship the product worldwide and there is no shipping cost if you live in either Australia (where company is located) or the United States.  If you live somewhere else then there is a $15 shipping fee due to the International shipping expenses.
ProMaker X-Pro Tights Giveaway


Share some feedback, let us know why you want to win a pair of Promaker X-Pro Tights and what do you think of them?

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