Review of the Anker 2000DPI Laser Gaming Mouse

Anker has been putting out a few incredibly high quality products as of late that have a great price performance point.  Their Precision Gaming Laser mouse that I reviewed last year was probably my favorite mouse ever tested and I had used it as my primary mouse for months, you can read my review of the precision gaming laser mouse for more information about that one.

Here is a video review of the Wrangler 2000 also known as the Anker Laser Gaming Mouse 2000DPI

The Anker Laser Gaming Mouse 2000DPI is the less expensive and featured cousin to the 8000DPI Precision Laser Mouse, it is less DPI but you wouldn’t care honestly unless you need that precision for the most sensitive artistic drawing.

anker 2000 dpi laser gaming mouse (2)

The first thing you notice when you plug in the mouse is the fact that the entire mouse pulses with color between the various cracks and lines.  It almost looks like an earth elemental as it pulses through the colors and it is visually attractive and helps put out a glow at night on your desk so you can easily find it with no light in the room.

The mouse by default changes color depending on what DPI setting you are using, but you can customize any default color and actually any of the 7 buttons on the mouse to do whatever you want.


The Anker Laser Gaming mouse feels smooth and comfortable on the hand, it forgoes the rubber thumb rest of the Precision Gaming Mouse and doesn’t have that textured feel of the other gaming mice I have tested which is a nice change.  The mouse has elongated buttons which means your fingers can be fully extended and rest nicely on the buttons while using it, no cramping your fingers however, if you do claw your fingertips you can press the button all the way from the tip of the mouse buttons to the part near the center of the mouse so it should work for any type of mouse grip.

anker 2000 dpi laser gaming mouse (5)

This laser gaming mouse has 2 thumb buttons as opposed to the 3 on the Precision Gaming Mouse, which is fine because I had a hard time leveraging that third button anyway.

anker 2000 dpi laser gaming mouse (6)

The buttons are well located and easy to press without accidentally pressing them.

Here is a picture showing the Anker Laser Gaming Mouse on the left with the Anker Precision Laser Gaming Mouse on the right.

anker 2000 dpi laser gaming mouse (7)

Here is what they look like in the dark, clearly the Anker 2000DPI laser gaming mouse has much more glow and a more striking appearance than the Precision Gaming Mouse which only has the glowing Anker symbol rather than the entire mouse crackle like it was filled with living energy.

anker 2000 dpi laser gaming mouse (8)

Of course the lighting itself is only a coolness factor and has no practical purpose in the functionality of the mouse, but it does make it cool.  My kids loved it and begged me to use and test the mouse after I finished my review of it.

The Anker Laser Gaming Mouse configuration app is downloaded from the Anker Product Page and offers you the ability to customize each of the 7 buttons as well as the DPI settings.  You can also save profile slots if multiple users share the same mouse.


The Anker Laser Gaming mouse only has 4 colors, Pink, Red, Blue or Green.  So if you want to keep it at one specific color what you do is set the DPI for the setting that corresponds to your favorite color and just use that setting to leave your mouse color in that setting.


If you don’t like the cool lighting or cycling effect, you can disable the lighting altogether, or make it so it is always slit, lower the brightness or remove/decrease the rate of pulsing.

At around $25 the Anker Laser Gaming mouse is a fantastic deal and offers the functionality, performance at half the price of competing mice.  I generally even liked the longer buttons a tad better than their higher end mouse model, though I thought the thumb comfort was a bit better on the Precision Gaming Mouse.

For the price the Anker Laser Gaming mouse is the best one I have tested and if you are in the market for a new gaming mouse or just a mouse that is responsive and has a good comfort feel plus has a little style this is a mouse you won’t regret.

Disclaimer:  Anker provided me with one of the 2000DPI Laser Gaming mice so that I could do a thorough and accurate review of the product.  No compensation was received for the review other than receiving the mouse to review.  The opinions expressed are 100% mine and mine alone.

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