Review of the eufy S11 Homevac Stick Vacuum

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I was sent the eufy S11 Homevac stick vacuum by the brand several weeks ago and after performing about 26 vacuum tests with the full stick as well as attachments I can finally finish my written review of the product though my review does not include longevity testing which sometimes can take months to determine if a product will fail or the battery in particular will stop holding a charge which I have found with many Shark stick vacuums over the years.

Right off the bat one of the features that helps ensure longevity is the eufy S11 Homevac includes a spare battery, this is a feature you don’t find with most other brands and the fact you can charge the battery independent of the vacuum itself means you can always have one battery charged and ready to go in case you need to just swap out the battery in the handle.

The suction power is fair, and with it’s boost button you can easily handle hard floors or lighter carpet, on the high power it can do a good job with the spinning brush on the stick at dislodging and picking up dirt. For casual cleaning this is excellent for all but the thickest of carpets, and won’t substitute for a deep clean but is perfect for every day or casual cleaning. The vacuum is not heavy at all, lighter than comparable Dyson stick vacuums and has the same degree of angling in the vacuum head which allows you to bend it up to 90 degrees to easily trace baseboards, reach under couches, around dining table chairs and other furniture with no fuss.

The white color aesthetic I actually preferred over the black color model, though that is simply a color choice and has no impact on functionality. The eufy Homevac S11 easily picked up the dirt/dust/pet hair and even leaves and debris that my dogs brought into the house. They chew up on the acorns and sticks in the yard so having acorn shells and fragments of sticks is very common in my house and the S11 had no trouble at all. The canister is small but easy to dump and get back to work when you fill it, I wound up filling up my canister after just doing 2 rooms in my house and takes about 2 canister dumps to do a full home cleaning with the eufy Stick Vacuum but this was the same with my Dyson V11 animal.

Unlike the Dyson V11 it doesn’t do automatic sensing of carpet vs hard floor and won’t automatically increase power to adjust to different surfaces, but you just tap the power button to adjust the level and that isn’t a huge deal.

The attachments included are all the ones you expect in a stick vac including a hand brush for doing carpeted steps, flat furniture and car trunks, as well as ones to do baseboard tops, angled corners, and the flexible hose attachment was another huge plus and something that doesn’t come with the Dyson V11. This makes it easy to reach into your car seats, couch cushions, closet corners, higher up like on top of drapes and windows as well as getting into vents which attached with the bristle brush.

For the value the eufy Homevac S11 was excellent in my opinion the number of attachments, the spare battery, the suction power and the weight make it a great choice. Overall I found it better than any Shark model stick vac I tested, only the Dyson V11 I had had more suction power but it came without a hose attachment, was much heavier and was more than 3x the price of the eufy Homevac which told me for the price the S11 stick vacuum by eufy was an no brainer to recommend.

If you need a light weight stick vac than can handle every corner, under every furniture piece and double as a car vac, then the eufy S11 Homevac is the best budget stick vacuum I have personally reviewed out of the half a dozen that were sent to me. The only limitations are that it has a small canister that has to be dumped fairly frequently, dumping the canister isn’t as easy as the Dyson V11 (1 button dump of dust/dirt) and it doesn’t quite match the max boost suction power of the Dyson V11 but this stick vac is in a price class of it’s own and I have not tested anything in this price class that is as good as the eufy S11 Homevac yet.

You can pick up the eufy Homevac S11 Stick vac on Amazon

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.