Win EKSA AirComfy S Gaming Headset and Stand

We have partnered with gaming peripheral brand EKSA to bring you a new giveaway today!

About the EKSA AirComfy S Superlight Gaming Headset

The EKSA Dual Chamber Drivers separate bass and mid-high frequencies into their own dedicated chambers, reducing interference and provides superior sound quality with strong, solid bass and natural mid-high tones. This headset also sports Ohno Continuous Casting (OCC) material features less signal loss, better high-frequency extensions, and extremely high signal transmission performance. It has a flexible cardoid mic that minimizes picking up background sounds.

You can pick up this gaming headset on Eksa Direct

About the EKSA W1 RGB Headset Stand

The EKSA® W1 RGB Headset Stand converts any headset into having 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound which is a really cool feature and it has dynamic RGB lighting (controlled by touch) on the base which of course gives you a better gaming experience with 3 USB ports this headset stand doubles as a USB charging and data port hub too.

You can pick up the EKSA W1 Headset Stand on Eksa Direct

Enter to Win the EKSA AirComfy S Superlight Gaming Headset + Headset Stand

Enter to Win EKSA AirComfy S Superlight Gaming Headset + Headset Stand
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