So I had a situation where I needed a friend to play Dungeons and Dragons with us remotely and join via Video Chat on Discord.  At the time I didn’t have any functional tripod mounts for an iPhone that were sized and weighted to support my iPhone XR with an Otterbox defender case so I decided to take a chance on the Sturdy Tiger Flexible Tripod just based on the pictures and Amazon reviews of the product.

The legs are so flexible that you can wrap them around a thick tree branch or limb and let it cling to vertical poles, it is just as good to be used while set on the ground and it can account for rough and hilly terrain where the legs don’t have to be evenly distributed in height.

The pivot ball part where you can adjust the camera or phone to point up, down or even tilt it left and right a bit allows you to get the perfect angle while recording or taking still photographs. And speaking of still photographs, the wireless selfie bluetooth remote control comes with the flexible tripod and connects to your device up to 30 feet away via Bluetooth.  There is no app download required, you just pair the remote with your iPhone or Android Phone via Bluetooth and it will work with the default camera app and Instagram when tested.

You also can use this flexible tripod with your DSLR or GoPro as it has a screw thread option where you can simply screw in a camera or another attachment that supports it.  It will fully support the GoPro Hero for example, but here is the full list of GoPro camera’s supported: GoPro Hero 6/Hero Session/Hero 5/Hero 2018/Hero 4/Hero 3+/Hero 3/Hero 2/Hero 1.  This mini flexible tripod also supports a full 360 degree rotation and is compact in size weighing less than 1 pound.  It can fold down to fit in most camera travel bags and or stuff in a backpack with ease.

Overall this is a fantastic camera tripod with flexible legs and for around $15 it is a great deal over on Amazon.  Again, you can simply wrap it around a tree branch, pole, post and it will hold your camera while you can take shutter shots from a distance of up to 30′.  Combine it with a macro lens for your camera and you can set it on the ground and zoom in on bugs and insects while stepping away until they crawl into the frame as well.

Flexible Tripod for iPhone, 12" Smartphone Tripod + High-Speed Bluetooth Remote for iPhone, Samsung, Compact Gorilla Tripod Stand 360° for GoPro, Cell Phone and DSLR Camera (Tripod + Remote)











  • Very Sturdy
  • Head Swivels
  • Remote for Camera Shutter


  • Can't Wrap Around Trees or Posts Well
  • Height Can't be Extended
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Justin Germino

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