Review of the TechMatte Universal Clipper Car Mount for Smartphones

I spent a good 30 days testing the TechMatte Universal Clipper Car Mount for the iPhone and other Smartphones and I tested it between two different vehicles.  My experience with the product was mixed due to the adhesive material at the bottom of the mount weakening and the product falling off and being non-reusable after a week or so but this was specifically an issue with the textured dashboard of the vehicles I was driving and Techmatte did try to provide an add on solution but that still didn’t work.

So the TechMatte Universal Clipper Car Mount is a simple product where you clip your phone into the holder after you attach the mount to the dashboard of your car.  It works ideally if you have a flat surface area of dashboard which isn’t too curved or textured which can make the suction cup ineffective and the tacky material weaken over time.

techmatte phone mount (1)

For a product that is less than $10 it worked very well at first, it instantly gave me a place to put my phone so I can have my maps up and running or use it with speakphone mode to keep myself hands free.

There is a suction cup on the bottom of the phone mount, where you open it, then place the mount on the surface, then close the clip so that it removes air and makes the suction tighter.

techmatte phone mount (4)

techmatte phone mount (2)

On a solid wooden surface like a desk this worked flawlessly and was a very tight hold almost impossible to pull off.  With a textured and curved car dashboard it held up only for about a week before it just fell off the dashboard.

I did make sure I cleaned the dashboard as any dust or material would weaken the sticky material at the bottom of the suction cup but it didn’t work.  Techmatte even sent me a 2nd Universal Car Mount and I tested with both of them and the same issue presented with both, in that after a few days to a week they would just lose suction and fall off.  Because the sticky adhesive would lose it’s adhesiveness they would no longer re-stick on the dashboard.

techmatte disc

In addition, Techmatte had these extra discs with adhesive at the bottom and sent me a pack of those to try, so I can tell you the mount will stick to any solid surface, it makes a flawless connection to the disk, but the disk adhesiveness has no ability to stick to a textured dashboard of my vehicles.  Perhaps it is my vehicles, but when there is textured grain and curved plastic on the dashboard, none of the adhesive material provided nor the suction cup were sufficient to hold the car mount in place.

That being said, I stuck it to my car dashboard window and it held fast and stayed in place for weeks, but the problem is that the window is too far from my eyes for me to read the 4″ screen of an iPad, so it works for speakerphone and for listening to driving directions but I wasn’t able to see the map streets clearly enough with the phone that far away from my eyes and I have 20/20 vision.

So the TechMatte Universal Clipper Car Mount for Smartphones for me seems to be hit and miss, when it works it works great and creates a solid connection that holds fast, but if you have a textured dashboard without a solid flat surface or a cloth dashboard it isn’t going to hold for long and will present issues.  I would recommend this product if you know your car dashboard has a smooth plastic surface that the suction can create a solid grip.  It is a good deal for the price if you want to use it on your window or you have the solid surface dashboard.  Again, I am amazed at how strong the grip is on a windows, wooden desk or other solid surface so it may work well for you, it just didn’t work for my car models.

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