Review of the UtechSmart USB Memory Card Reader

UtechSmart shipped me the UtechSmart USB 3.0 Superspeed Multi-in-1 4-Slots Memory Card Reader to review and share feedback on the product with my readers.  The 4 slot Memory card reader supports UHS-I SD,SDXC, SDHC, SD, CF, High-Speed CF (UDMA), MS, M2, Micro SDXC, Micro SDHC, and Micro SD Cards and allows you to easily just transfer cards between your cameras or smartphones and PC if you don’t want to plug the device itself in via a USB cable.

utechsmart 4 slot card reader

Some cards don’t slide all the way into the device, like the SD Card pictured above and stick out about 50% of the device so you always know when you have cards slid in and can’t forget as you can with some readers where the card slides 100% into the reader.

The USB cord on the reader is a bit short, perfect if you have a laptop or small desktop that sits on your desk, but it is very short if you have a large tower that sits on the floor as you pretty much have to leave the reader hanging off the side of the tower, or resting on top of it on the floor where it isn’t very convenient to reach.  So one improvement could be to add an extender or make the cord another 12″ long so you can reach up and place it on your desk while it is plugged into a tower case sitting on the floor. Some rubberized feed on the bottom to help minimize it’s sliding on a desk surface too could help a bit too if you want to leave it sitting on your desk beside your laptop.

But other than those suggestions the product functions perfectly, and transfer rates were as good as anything else I tested with the SD Card during my 3GB file copy where transfer rates


122MB/s transfer rates were the average which was the same rate I got when plugged into any other SD card reader.

Overall the UtechSmart USB 3.0 Superspeed Multi-in-1 4-Slots Memory Card Reader is a decent product and recommended if you need a multi-card reader that plugs into your USB port for your laptop or PC that doesn’t have one built in. This is ideal for those who handle multiple cards and transfer cards back and forth between devices where plugging the devices themselves in is not as convenient.

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