Rhino Shield CrashGuard for iPhone 6S+ Review!

First the disclaimer, our friends over at Evolutivelabs sent me their Rhino Shield CrashGuard designed for the iPhone 6+ or 6S+, and this case is not what I was expecting, but it was everything I wanted!

Here’s why:


First things first, it isn’t a case. It was not what I was used to in any way. It is simply a bumper that protects your phone, without having a back piece. You do a get a clear protective cover, that goes over the back of your phone directly to protect against scratches. It leaves the back open, and I must say, looks sweet. It has a very precise design to it, meaning it fits perfectly and leaves space for the speaker, lightning cable port, and headphone jack. Check out some pictures below of the bumper!


It looks sweet.

I immediately noticed that this bumper was well built, and would be sturdy. The material used is both strong, flexible, scratch resistant, and durable. While I won’t be chunking my nearly $900 phone at the wall to test just how durable it is, I can say that I have dropped my phone multiple times with the bumper on, and no damage to my phone at all. Heck, there was no damage to the bumper either. It absorbed the impact and left no scuffs or scratches. Top notch!

I love this for my phone, and I would recommend it to anyone, at any time! It’s great quality, it’s low profile, protective, sleek, and the price is just great. You can get it on Amazon for about $25! Thanks RhinoShield!

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