Robobees Necessary For Pollination?

Harvard University is working on creating these flying robotic bee’s that are about the size of an almond individually.  The bee’s have ultraviolet sensors that allow them to idenitfy the same patterns on flower petals as the ones used by real bees. The goal is to create swarms of robobees that can assist with pollination of plants and flowers and potentially offset what may be a worsening epidemic of Colony Collapse Disorder among normal bee populations.

If bees colonies continue to mysteriously collapse without a root cause or solution found there could be a crisis of plants being able to propagate and spread, so technology must fill the gap and these robobees might be one way to achieve this. These robobees are also powered by a small rechargeable fuel cell which would allow them to recharge after a set number of hours working in the field.

You can learn more about the Robobees directly from Harvard’s website which has very interesting information about the technology behind the bee’s and their purpose.

-Dragon Blogger

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