ROIDMI NEX Storm: A Smart Cordless Vacuum Mop Combo

Featuring the ROIDMI NEX Storm.

A Smart Cordless Vacuum With Mop. The first generation of ROIDMI cordless vacuum cleaner – F8 Storm has been sold to 157 countries around the world. This remarkable product of ROIDMI is highly praised and recognized in the world, and claimed to be the world’s first “smart APP cordless vacuum cleaner”. It has already won 3 major industrial design global awards: the Red Dot Best of the best award, iF Golden award and Good Design Best.

ROIDMI has invented NEX Storm with a Magic Mop box, making cleaning & chores easier and more enjoyable! With the water-resistant roller brush and the magnetic mopping component – the Mop Box which can store 180 ml water, just need to fill it with water and attach to the brush head. then it will allow you to deep clean any stain and dirt on the floor more effectively in just one simple step.

Lots of functions and features awaiting you to explore:

  • Mop and vacuum 2 in 1
  • Magnetic wireless charger
  • 60 min long battery life
  • Plenty of attachments
  • Smart APP
  • Two years warranty and battery replacement service
  • No VAT, Duty Free.

Come back the ROIDMI NEX Storm: A Smart Cordless Vacuum With Mop Premium Kit. ROIDMI will cover all VAT, Custom Duty and Tax; excluding shipping. The information of the device and spare parts are declared in the page: What’s in the box. Please note the Anti-mite brush is not included in this perk. However, it will come as a FREE gift when our 1 million stretch goal is achieved. Included Items; ROIDMI NEX Main Body, Soft Roller Brush, Mop Box, Carbon Fiber Brush, Crevice Tool, Mini Soft Dusting Tool, Extension Soft Pipe, Mini Cleaning Brush, Magnetic Latches and Other Accessories. Estimated Shipping September 2019.

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