Rokit Boost Omni-Charge USB Charger Review

Count how many mobile devices, Bluetooth headsets, smart watches, Bluetooth Speakers, External batteries and all devices that you have that either plug into to be charged via a USB cable.  Do you have more than 5 devices that are capable of charging via USB, whether it be MicroUSB, Lightning or still the old 30-pin Apple charger?  If you answered yes to this then you definitely can benefit from the Rokit Boost Omni-Charge which is a 6 port USB Charging station.

 You basically assign a desk or shelf in your house as your “charging area” and this device lets you plug 6 USB cables in at the same time so you can charge and keep all your devices centralized in one location.  It is a good idea to have all the family keep their phones charging in one room, or keep the charging station near the door before you leave so you can grab your device and go too!

Watch the video review of the Rokit Boost Omni-Charge

So the Rokit Omni-Charge comes in a pretty standard box and includes the 6 Port Charging hub itself plus the attached power cable, the power cable is long enough and longer than the power cable of another recently charged USB station.  The Omni-Charge has intelligent ports that can sense how much power needs to be delivered to the device plugged in, ensuring the max amount of power is delivered.  They advertise they will charge an iPad Mini faster in the Omni-Charge than the default A/C outlet plug and while I can’t confirm for the iPad Mini, I can confirm my iPhone 5S charges more battery in 30 minutes via the Omni-Charge than it did with the standard AC adapter in the wall.

Now the Rokit Omni-Charge is designed to sit horizontally on a desk which is fine but I would have liked for it to come with a stand that gave you the option to stand it up vertically.  Right now it will stand vertically but falls over too easily if you have to plug or unplug USB cords.

It also doesn’t have rubberized feet or any anti-skid surface on the bottom of the devices, which makes it prone to sliding around on a desk when working with the cords, I would also have appreciated some rubber or anti-skid feet to help keep it in place when you are moving the cords around a bit.  But other than this the device is excellent.

You get up to 2.4A output and 6 USB ports, you can charge whatever you need to charge and it charges quickly, this is a highly recommended charging hub and now is a permanent addition to my family household.  I wound up replacing a 5 port USB charger with this 6 port USB charger from Rokit and I don’t look back.  Oh and another plus is it comes with a black and white cable organizer (though it is a 6 port charger, having 6 cable ties would have been ideal) this is still better than most other USB chargers have provided and is another SOLID reason to consider the Omni-Charge.

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