SADES SA-810 Gaming Headset Review

So the Bai Sheng Shop over at Amazon sent me a SADES SA-810 Gaming Headset to review and showcase to our audience, often lately we get online stores instead of the brand manufacturer that sends us products to help boost recognition and awareness for their store.  This is one of those cases, though we have worked with SADES directly before on other headset models.  I didn’t do a fill written review for this headset so just opted for mostly video review with quick written summary and feedback this time.

Here is the unboxing video for the SADES SA-810 Gaming Headset

So like most Sades 3.5mm jack headsets this one has a plastic headband and plastic mic that slides down from the left side of your face.  Sades does make some high quality headband headsets like the A6 and A7, but the cheaper model headsets like this one have a weakness with the plastic head strap where it feels plastic and cheap, it also feels like you can easily snap it if you try to expand it wide and would be of concern if you have a wide head.   If you constantly have to stretch it I think it would cause stress fractures eventually.

Review of the SADES SA-810 Gaming Headset

The other thing about this headset I noticed is it seemed to work okay in consoles with the mic still being a little low, but when plugged into the 3.5mm jack in my PC the headset volume was extremely low.  Nothing I could do would increase it’s volume short of using mic DB boost programs to manipulate the gain which also increased background feedback and noise.  Now, honestly I didn’t really feel like this headset was worth the money compared to other SADES headset models that I found to be better.

For a 3.5mm headset I found the Sades AW50 to be higher quality even with a short triangular mic, and the Sades SA-920 is also better, those are 3.5mm jack headsets.  Though I do appreciate they included a 3.5mm splitter cable which some headset brands don’t.  That being said, the best Sades headsets I have ever reviewed are the Sades A6 and A7 which are USB only headsets but are superior to their 3.5mm counterparts in both sound and mic quality from my experience.  The Sades SA-810 headset isn’t terrible, it’s just that you can find the Honstek G9 or Kotion Each G1200 are the same price and are better and sound better.

There are just so many Sades headset models and I can’t keep up with them, their latest models may be better, but I have found that Sades makes the following models that I know of that are sold at the Bai Sheng Amazon Store:


The Sades SA-810 is a model I just didn’t find very good for me, but there are good Sades headsets and I would pick another model, still if you get a Sades headset search on the Bai Sheng Shop as a way of thanking them for sending one to us for review.

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