Samsung Galaxy 4 Available in April?

For those looking to know the answer to the question Is the Samsung Galaxy 4 available you may be happy to know that rumors would seem to indicate April may be the answer to your questions.  The Samsung Galaxy 4 is supposedly rumored that it will have a EXYNOS 5440 quad-core processor according to IBTimes.  There is also talk of a 13 megapixel camera in the Samsung Galaxy 4 as well.

samsung galaxy 4 available

The Samsung Galaxy 3 is already considered to be better than the iPhone in many ways, could the Samsung Galaxy 4 take thunder away from the iPhone 5?  Personally I think Apple has a loss with a lack of NFC support, seeing the Android phones and tablets in action with NFC is amazing at how quickly they can share info with the tap of two devices and this is something Apple should have included early on.

Samsung Galaxy 4 and S Pen?

Rumors also report that Samsung intends to bridge the gap between the Samsung Galaxy S4 and The Galaxy Note models increasing screen size to maybe 5 inches on the Galaxy S4 and adding support for the S Pen on the Samsung Galaxy 4 which adds the ease of a stylus pen for usage?  Why not, the Galaxy Note 2 is said to be one of the most popular Android phones on the market and did many things right.  But maybe they will just keep the Galaxy Note 3 separate in its niche audience market of those who like slightly larger screens between phone and tablet and like writing with a stylus.

Back on the Samsung Galaxy S4 Features and functionality, it seems that an analyst with Stanford Bernstein whose name is Mark Newman stated recently that Samsung will likely go with displays for smartphones that are both flexible and unbreakable.  There are rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will boast a flexible screen capable of folding and being truly unbreakable but my personal opinion is this technology won’t make it to the masses until the Samsung Galaxy 5 or later.  I could be wrong and if Samsung is the first to release a smartphone with 1080P or higher resolution and a truly unbreakable flexible display then they would effectively trump Apple as being on top when it comes to innovation on the Smartphone in my opinion.

When do you think the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available and overall would you say you are more excited about the features of the Samsung Galaxy phone line or the Apple iPhone line?  I can honestly say I see new features being released faster with Samsung Galaxy models, the Android operating system is just so much more conducive to experimentation than iOS and I really think 2013 and 2014 will be a tipping point where Apple starts to really lose it’s edge unless it can come up with something truly original and groundbreaking with an iPhone 6 model.

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