Best Search Application for Windows 7

Want a search tool that will find anything you are looking for on ANY of your hard drives and display all matches instantly?  Then you need Everything which is quite possibly the best desktop search application I have found for Windows operating systems.  Everything from VoidSoft installs simply and once it scans all of your drives (which is fast) you can literally just type what you are looking for and see results instantly without any wait at all.


It is far faster than Windows Search tool or even Google Desktop when it comes to displaying files and does so in real time.  You can use wildcards like * or ? to narrow down your searches including leaving spaces ” ” inside your searches.  Searching for *.xls will list every excel file on all your drives.  You can use | as “Or” for finding one files that match one word or another, or you can use ! to find files that match one word but don’t include the 2nd word.

Seriously, if you are someone who hates the Windows 7 search functionality, this will help you find any file you are looking for by name or extension.  One thing it does not do however is search for text inside of files and if you are looking for this type of functionality you will have to settle for the Windows search tool, Google Desktop or some other application.

For everything else, Everything is the best windows search utility you can find and it is completely free for download.

Download Everything from Voidsoft today and see how quickly and easily you can find what you are looking for on your Windows PC.

-Dragon Blogger

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