Search Engine Optimization (SEO): How Does It Benefit Everyone?

Search Engine Optimization, abbreviated as SEO, refers to optimizing web pages of blogs and websites for Search Engines, and is the single most important topic of discussion and debate among Bloggers, Webmasters and Internet Marketers alike. The most popular question they all ask is:

“How do I make the best use of SEO to get more visitors to my blog, website or sales page?”

What we all forget is that Search Engine Optimization or SEO is not a mule to carry visitors to your blog, website or sales page! SEO is a very sensitive tool which is meant to provide search engine users with relevant, up-to-date and authentic information. SEO is something we all should use to get “more targeted” visitors, and not just “more visitors”!

A targeted visitor is one who is in majority of cases likely to stick around on a website or blog simply because it contains valuable information about the topic(s) he/she was looking for. Targeted visitors are most likely to be interested in subscribing to your blogs, buying stuff off your websites and following your advertisers’ links! Thus, Search Engine Optimization or SEO when done correctly will be beneficial to the blog/website owners as well as the search engine users.

Search Engine Optimization- Importance and Benefits
Search Engine Optimization

By personal experience, I have realized several times that websites and blogs which provide very high quality content sometimes ignore SEO practices, because of which they become more and more difficult to find when you are looking for some information urgently. Also, in several cases, websites and blogs with little or no amount of useful information rank pretty high on search engines by exploiting SEO techniques like link building and inflating the keyword density of their web pages.

Lack of awareness about the importance and benefits of Search Engine Optimization along with exploitation of loopholes present in the algorithms of search engines

  1. Leads to low quality search results being delivered to the users, and
  2. Lowers the traffic and income of websites and blogs.

The need of the hour is for all webmasters and bloggers to realize that SEO is extremely necessary and beneficial for everyone, and that Search Engines will no longer remain useful when we don’t use SEO responsibly. So, let us all take a vow to abide by ethical SEO practices and promise to provide high quality, unique and search engine optimized content to our readers and spread the same message to others!

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