Source of Traffic Drop Found and Resolved?

My regular readers may remember that I reported a severe 65% traffic drop on around August 22nd 2010 and it persisted all through September 2010.  I originally attributed this drop in traffic (most of it came from a huge drop in Organic Search traffic) to Google Instant Search.   In doing further investigation and experimentation however I believe it may be related to me switching SEO plugins on my WordPress blog around that time.  On August 10th 2010, I had disabled the All in One SEO Pack Plugin for WordPress in favor of testing and using Greg’s High Performance SEO plugin, it was lighter weight and seemed to do what I wanted.


Two weeks later a huge traffic drop that persisted for a month, on October 8th I put the All in One SEO Pack plugin back on and two weeks later on October 22nd my site jumps back up to the same level of traffic I had before August 22nd and it holds that way solid for a week now.  Coincidence?


The fact that specifically my Google Search traffic dropped for more than month and then suddenly returned to almost the same level before the drop.  The only change was switching back to the All in One SEO Pack plugin for WordPress and I think it may be related, I can’t prove this of course but it has me convinced that I am going to stick with the All in One SEO Pack plugin as have the other six million people who have downloaded it.

Either way I will be studying and watching my traffic closely to see if I can garner more information, at this time it would appear the only thing that changed was my SEO plugin but there could be other changes on Google side that I am unaware of.

-Dragon Blogger

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