Shared Currency in Guild Wars 2 with The Wallet

Guild Wars 2 finally introduced the Wallet in the latest build update which now allows you to combine all of your characters currency into a single shared wallet that any account can draw from.  No more having to find the nearest crafting station to deposit money from one character so another can withdraw it.

The wallet is easily accessible by going to your character screen (H) and simply pressing on the coins icon to the left.

Guild Wars 2 Wallet (2)

Here you now have a sum total of all your Gems, Coins, Karma, Laurels, PVP Glory, Badges of Honor and every type of currency from all the dungeons and fractals and whatnot.

You can also get a quick glance of your full currency from your Inventory screen (I) and it shows at the bottom bar, simply hover over the coins and you get a summary of all your currency.

Guild Wars 2 Wallet (3)

The pro is many times I want to transfer currency from my high level character to my low level characters to help give them a crafting edge, and this saves that.  The con is that I have actually blown through way too much money forgetting it is a shared currency buying crafting materials so you have to be more conscious about spending your currency now and remember all characters share, if you drain it the other characters won’t have it either.

Guild Wars 2 Wallet (1)

To get started with the new account currency feature you have to log into Guild Wars 2 and then log into each character profile 1 time at least, once you login you will get a mail that your character has had it’s funds deposited into the account wallet so just go to the character select and repeat for all other characters.  Then once you have signed on at least 1x with each character any new characters will automatically share the wallet as well as your existing characters.

What do you think of the shared account wallet in Guild Wars 2, are you glad to have a combined currency for all accounts or did you like managing them separately?  I personally am glad and it makes it easier when you run like 5 or 6 characters.  The bad news is if you deleted any characters before their currency went into the account wallet, the currency was deleted with the characters.

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