Limeade High Capacity Battery Review

Disclaimer: Limeade provided with a Limeade Blast Ultra-High Capacity Battery for evaluation purposes. Opinions expressed in this review are 100% my own.

Is it just me or do smart electronics seem to be getting thirstier and thirstier for battery juice these days? With countless social apps running in the background, and ongoing pinging for a 3G or wireless signal, your smart device will quickly find itself dehydrated. Not to worry! Now such a problem can become a thing of the past thanks to the Limeade Blast Ultra-High Capacity Battery Pack fresh off of Kickstarter. The particular pack I got my hands on was their 18,000mAh unit which is the largest available. Check out the video below of my experiments or continue reading the written review.

Nice Features and Slim Form Factor on the Limeade Blast

The Limeade Blast Ultra-High Capacity Battery Pack comes in three different editions. The only major difference between them is that the first provides 13,000mAh, the second 15,600mAh, and the third 18,000mAh. Each unit possesses a 1A and 2A output along with a connection to plug the 2-in-1 charging cable into. Next to the outputs and inputs is an LED flashlight that is surprisingly bright. All of this is included in a nice slim package that is just slightly larger than a standard iPhone. It did not exactly fit in my dedicated phone pocket on my backpack but it should fit in most standard backpack pockets nonetheless.

Battery Charge Experiments: The Hits and the One Minor Miss

Apparently felines like the Limeade too…

Though I had been using the Limeade faithfully for a month already, I never had actually bothered to record the results. While doing this review I finally settled on an easy way to test the battery pack’s capabilities. I decided to allot each smart device in my arsenal one hour of charge time. During a natural disaster, it may not necessarily be the best idea to allow only one device all the juice. Personally, if such a thing were to happen, I would try to dispense battery power evenly between all of my essential electronics (such as my iPhone, iPad Mini, etc.) Here were the results I ended up with.

Test Results

iPad Mini: 26% battery life after 1 hour of charging (Note: To see if the charge rate was comparable with the standard charger I conducted the same test again and ended up with 24%.)
iPhone 4: 60% battery life after 1 hour of charging (Note: I was immediately able to place an outgoing call after hooking it up to the Limeade.)
iPod 4: 90% battery life after 1 hour of charging

All of these results were no doubt fantastic but there was one minor hiccup. While conducting the battery charge tests on the iPhone 4 and iPod 4, I was unable to use the special 2-in-1 cable that came with the Limeade. This problem was easily rectified when I opted to use the standard Apple charging cables instead. Other than that, each test went smoothly and the Limeade still had a whopping 75% worth of juice left in it. Now that’s what I call generous!

As I mentioned earlier, the Limeade Blast Ultra-High Capacity Battery Pack performed its duties successfully for over a month. Thanks to this evidence in favor of its reliability and its ability to be charged/charge via the standard Apple cables, I believe it is safe to say that the Limeade can certainly function as an essential emergency staple. I for one am going to make it habit to carry this thing with me everywhere I go from now on.

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