The Slimmest Mechanical Keyboard from Havit

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I love mechanical keyboards but I sometimes miss the very low and slim profile of scissor keys where you can glide your fingers from key to key faster than having to lift them higher over a mechanical keyboard key.  This doesn’t affect gamers as much as touch types like myself, and when Havit mentioned they have a slim mechanical keyboard I was more than happy to give it a try. The result is an excellent keyboard that works for those who want a better keyboard than their laptop keyboard but one that feels slim and quick.

Unboxing the Havit Low Profile Mechanical Backlit Keyboard

You get no frills when unboxing the keyboard as you get the keyboard and the detachable cable.  The most obviously thing you will notice is that because it is a compact keyboard you won’t have the 10 key pad which is important to me and is my only issue I had with the keyboard.

Let’s take a closer look at the key profile to show you how tight they are against the back plane.  Had you not read these were mechanical you would think this is a standard scissor-key keyboard based on how low profile the keys and switches are.

I had the perfect small desk to show that I couldn’t fit a full sized keyboard, so I was able to easily fit this Havit Low Profile Mechanical keyboard in the keyboard track which slides in and out.  Ironically my Fxexblin keyboard was simply too wide to fit on this keyboard tray and this keyboard was perfect for it.

Here is a better pic showing you the very slim and compact Havit Mechanical Keyboard above and the Fxexblin full size gaming keyboard below it.  The Fxexblin simply could not fit between the rails on the keyboard tray as it was far too wide and bulky.  This mini desk which is used by my 10 year old son is the ideal size for this Havit keyboard after all.

Now the Havit Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard has only a single light blueish backlighting color, but you can choose pre-configured light patterns or you can use the keyboard itself to customize exactly which keys you want lit, you can use the keyboard functions to turn off any key lighting or enable it.  You also have several brightness settings and you can set macro’s with the keyboard if you use the Havit software associated with the keyboard.  Make sure you get the keyboard drivers here.

Typing on the keyboard is a breeze and I can touch type very quickly thanks to the ultra fast low profile and because I can move my fingers between keys faster due to there being less pressure and recoil as with typical mechanical keyboards.  Also they are very quiet for a mechanical keyboard, what I will say is that I could get no Ghosting and every single key registered flawlessly and quickly when using 10 fast fingers and various games played on the keyboard.

If you want the force feedback and thwack of a traditional mechanical keyboard this will not satisfy you however.  The Kaih Blue 3mm switches on this Havit Keyboard have a lower profile, softer press and lack of response pressure does not feel like a Traditional Blue Switch or Cherry MX red switch keyboard which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what you want in a keyboard and what is more comfortable for you.  Overall though my son loves this keyboard and I turned it over to him after the review.  He uses this keyboard specifically when playing PUBG and other games were the WASD keys are used and he has to be precise, he likes using the Havit Low Profile keyboard much better than the Acer Aspire V15 Nitro keyboard and since he never really used the 10-key he didn’t feel the missing 10 key at all.  I however am used to only using full sized keyboards since forever, and I use the 10 key very frequently for budgeting and various hotkeys assigned in games.  So for me, the 10-key missing is one reason I couldn’t make this my permanent full time keyboard.

Here is a video showcasing the Havit Slim Mechanical Keyboard

Overall this is a fantastic slim profile keyboard that gives you the best of scissor like switch keyboards with mechanical keys.  You do trade off losing the 10-key pad and some people prefer the pressure/feedback and thwack of traditional MX switches but this keyboard is also more portable and if you are a road warrior you can simply pack the keyboard as it is almost flat and detach the cable to take with you.  It would have been a nice touch if since you can detach the cable the keyboard also supported Wireless or Bluetooth and became an optional wireless keyboard as well.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.