Smartomi M1 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

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So far, I have had the pleasure of trying out several Smartomi audio devices. I have tried completely wireless earbuds, Ear buts that were both wireless and not, and now, a pair of over the ear completely wireless headphones, and It just keeps amazing me. Smartomi’s quality and attention to detail are excellent.

The latest product of theirs is the Smartomi M1 wireless headphones. I can safely say I really love them and am sure you will as well. These headphones are not just great at sound reproduction, but they are also stylish, comfortable, and lightweight. And having no cord is a big bonus.

One of the first things I noticed is the look. Many headphones I have, are big, bulky and flashy. They have colored lights, and huge mics covering your face, and a cord that I tend to get tangled in my feet while sitting at my desk. The M1 does not need all of that. These headphones are elegant and have all the buttons right where I need them. They do not need lights, that I honestly cannot see when they are on my head, and there is no need for a big old mic hanging down in my face.

As I expected, sound reproduction is great. The base is as deep as it needs to be, and every other note is pitch perfect. This is something I know I expect, and I was not disappointed. A few other things I would like to point out is along with sounds reproduction, outside noise is almost 100% gone while wearing these headphones and having music playing. For me, having a 5-year-old playing in the Livingroom and the TV turned on to cartoons, while Papa tries to study, is important. I can block all the noise out, just by putting these on and listening to my music. And, if they are paired to my phone, I can still answer calls without having to stop what I am doing.

One thing I have found, using other headphones is, that after a while, they get heavy and uncomfortable feeling. I am not as young as I once was, and well, sometimes it hurts to have extra weight on my head. I tried these out one day, and it was over 3.5-4 hours before I knew it, and I was not bothered once by the headphones being on for that long. I noticed that the sides are adjustable so that no matter one’s head size, they can be adjusted to fit. And even when I expanded them to the max they would go, I still had great noise cancellation while I enjoyed my music.

One thing I also noticed was, that these headphones paired to both my tablet, and my computer without any problems, and that was amazing. I did not have to press and hold a button for 2 or 5 seconds, dance in a circle, or give blood just to pair them to my devices. I simply turned them on, turned on my Bluetooth device, and right away, they showed up and paired.  It could not be any easier. I noted that the details listed on Amazon state that these headphones can pair to more than one device at the same time. I have not been able to do this. In my case, I believe it is a problem on my end.

I am using a really old Bluetooth dongle for my computer. Is was from back when we still used paper cups and a string tied between them to communicate, and none of my devices have the latest version of Bluetooth available other than the one smartphone I got just to test apps on. So, your results will likely be much better than mine.

I have to say that the battery life must be amazing on the M1’s. They are rated at 10 hours. I can say that I have listened to them for a good long while since getting them, and only charged them once, and that was before using them.  When it comes to gaming or even homework, having a device that can last is important. The M1 last’s and outlasts many of the others.

I mentioned the buttons earlier. There is the on/off button that also is used to answer incoming phone calls. There is also a switch that defaults to center that allows me to pause, forward, go back, and raise and lower the volume. All in one switch. I found it easy to use, and I really did not need any help figuring it out. Press one way and hold to raise the volume, the other direction and hold to lower, or simply press up and or down momentarily to go back to the last song, or move on to the next.

I think I have covered all of the major stuff I can think of. The only thing left is storage. I sometimes take my laptops, tablets, and other handhelds with me when I go out. I fit them all into my backpack which ends up being stuffed. I sometimes have wanted to bring along a pair of headphones, but found that they do not fit, and none of my android devices have the USB plugs to power them anyway. The M1 is great for travel. Both ends fold in towards the band that fits above your head, making the M1 much easier to transport when space is limited. In fact, the M1 comes with a bag to carry not just the headphones, but the charging cord, and the aux cord (for those times when you do not have, or do not want to make use of Bluetooth) as well.

I bet many of you who have read my reviews before will be able to guess my views as to whether or not I am going to recommend these headphones to you or not. I give these a very high recommendation and actually feel they are more than worth the money. I have tried others, costing 3 times what these do, and I would recommend the M1 by Smartomi over all of them.

Disclaimer: All opinions are 100% mine, and mine alone.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.