Sweepstakes title: Bestek Lucky Life Instant Win Sweepstakes

We’ve partnered with BESTEK many times to showcase their various giveaways and sweepstakes. This next one is one you won’t want to miss! This one is called the Lucky Life Instant Win Sweepstakes where you can win instantly. There’s a large winning chance and on top of that, you can share to win even more opportunities. Some of the prizes include power inverters, vacuums, blenders, neck pillows, power banks and more.

To Enter

First, start by clicking this link: here. That will take you to the page where you can enter to win all these potential prizes. From there, you can enter to win through Facebook or login to register. From there, you get to start a spinner and see what you win.

Different Zones

Once you scroll down, you’ll see the different “zones” with different prizes depending on what you want or what you’re looking to win.

Zone 1 is for car owners where you can win things like power inverters, money-off coupons, or the option to try again.

Zone 2 is for household items. There, you can win things like a blender, vacuum cleaner, money-off coupons, or the option to try again.

Zone 3 is for everyone. Here, you can win a neck pillow, USB wall charger, power bank, money-off coupons, or the option to try again.


From there, you also have the chance to win even more goodies if you get a certain number of referrals. All you need to do to win each of these is share your unique link to your friends, family, or on social media. That way they can keep track of who is getting which people to sign up and enter.


  1. Free shipping is included.
  2. The first round runs from March. 16th 0:00 to March. 31st 0:00, 2019.
  3. One email per submission.


Play to win by clicking here!

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