System updates with Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI)

If you think that you’re system is up to date and everything is safe and sound then, think again! There’s a simple program that can keep your computer from being compromised.
Secunia Personal Software Inspector is a free, all-in-one program to help discover security vulnerabilities on your computer and solve them quickly, saving you from possible viruses and infections in the future. It also scans for outdated software and vulnerable programs like Java and Adobe Flash Player etc.

Setting Up PSI

Step 1: First download the program from this link: and save it to any folder or on your desktop.

Step 2 : After the download is complete, double click the PSISetup.exe file and follow the installation manual.

Step 3 : After the installation is complete, run the program from the desktop shortcut or from the all programs section in the start menu. Once you open it will welcome you with a ‘Scanning for Outdated Programs’ screen.

The Security Personal Software Inspector (PSI) is a free software that has a plain and intrusive interface, however the it comes in 2 versions-simple and advanced.


PROS+ : Easy and simple to use
                   Provides download to the 
                    latest versions.
CONS- : Can put the PC to risk if isn’t 
                   properly used.

Secunia Personal Software Inspector makes a great addition to any user’s security plan providing necessary software security updates to keep your system secure and up to date. It is a must have tool and is free. Most freebies don’t result this kind of performance.

System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems (32 & 64 bit):

To install and run the Secunia PSI you require administrative privileges.


Access to Secunia’s encrypted servers via SSL ( and access to Microsoft Windows Update servers.

Software Requirements

Windows UpdateThe latest version of Microsoft Update. You can determine whether or not you are running the latest version by visiting

with Microsoft Internet Explorer, while logged in as the Administrator. If you are able to check your system for missing updates through this tool, your system should function properly with the Secunia PSI.

Hardware Requirements:

There are no additional hardware requirements. If your computer runs any of the above mentioned Operating Systems, then Secunia PSI should work.

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