Top 5 PC Horror Games To Play on Halloween

With just about 2 months to go for Halloween, what time is going to be better than right now to give you a short list of some of the best Horror Games you can play on the PC right now! Horror games basically come in two types. Jump scares and those ones which make you feel disturbed and creepy. Both of these types have been combined and added in our list. Feel free to read and select the … Read more

Nintendo’s Top And The Best Games

Well, you might have not heard much of a buzz about Nintendo now a days but believe me, about 10-15 years ago it was probably about Nintendo, their consoles and their games. Now what we hear are just the echoes of Nintendo’s buzz of the past.Nintendo’s main reason of success and fame was a mere story of 2 games; Mario and Pokemon.This why we have listed Mario franchise as Nintendo’s top and the Pokemon franchise … Read more

Most Popular Games for Android Tablets and Smart Phones

Just imagine you’re tired and want to do get rid of your ever lasting boredom. You take out your smart phone or tablet and search for something good on the Play Store for free. Suddenly, you come across this collection of free games on the Play Store and your life just changes that very moment.If you think that smart phones and tablets are only for office work and studies then this is where you are … Read more

Top 3 Media Players For PCs

Are you having a hard time loading and playing your videos on your PC that you have downloaded? Fear not, there is a solution to your problem in the form of a number of media players.Not all media players are phenomenal or outstanding but there are a few which need a reference and deserve a mention here.Here are the top 3 Media Players for PCs in my opinion. 1.) VLC Media Player If you want … Read more

Showcasing 5 Random Xbox Games With Kinect Support

Project Natal or simply Xbox Kinect was officially released on November 4, 2010. The Kinect was released as the one peripheral that was missing from gaming. The Kinect is based on a single RGB camera that identifies the user’s gestures and spoken commands. Its approach was basically to interact the user with the console without a game controller, going one up over the Nintendo Wii by allowing you to use your whole body as the … Read more

Top 5 Free-to-Play Games

With game prices on the rise it was obvious that more free-to-play games had to be developed. When one hears the name ‘free-to-play’ it is natural that people will think that the game will literally suck at everything. But game developers defied the critics in these examples. Free-to-play games are now a lot better compared to their predecessors. These games provide as much entertainment as their pricey competitors in the same space as well. And now more … Read more

Most Pirated Software, Games and Shows of 2014

Piracy, a problem that is too common in the cyber world and a lot of people are annoyed by it. Among those annoyed are developers and consumers both. When a person buys an expensive game or software and someone he knows pirated it for free, then it will create the misconception of pirating the software in place of buying it. This is an experience that happens to many people. This is why piracy is on the … Read more

Top 3 Antivirus Programs of 2014

Malicious content that is harmful for your data security and PC somehow always manages to sneak in our computer regardless of how overprotective we are of our little Mr. Computer, and corrupt our data. Viruses are located everywhere from downloads to cracked software or games. Evidently, there is no way you can escape even the little minions of viruses. Apparently, there is a solution to your virus problems and there’s a savior with the name … Read more

3 Popular Password Managers

A word that appears once too often in the cyber world is ‘Security Breach‘. Hackers are always waiting for the best possible chance to inflict as much damage as they can to us by accessing our accounts. Secure websites, as they say are also bad at keeping the information safe.The art of making passwords is a difficult one, but attainable. Many make the mistake that when they enter a password, the account for which they … Read more