Review – Create Mobile Apps For Blogs and Websites

What is Appticles? is a FREE nifty web-based platform which lets you create and manage cross platform mobile apps based on your blog and website feeds within seconds! As of now RSS, ATOM, XML & JSON feeds can be used. Needless to say, these days mobile device users constitute the vast majority of internet users and these users access websites and blogs via a number of tablets as well as Smartphones. Consequently, you can’t … Read more

PressReader for Reading Newspapers on iPad

Believe me I am one of those people who uses Google Currents, AP Mobile, Pulse and various other news aggregate apps to get the latest headlines online.  Despite this I found that I missed having a local paper, I missed the detailed articles and specifically the more local news around the cities I cared about most.  Online news on Google News can lack a local appeal and I still liked print papers for some occasions. … Read more