How To Build A Popular Mobile App: 5 Ingredients For Success

Do you have an idea for creating a mobile software, but doubt whether you have enough knowledge and skills to create it? Even if you do not understand anything about creating mobile soft, you can still create it and even make money on it. 1. Searching for a problem and coming up with a solution The best start to a project is to find the problem. The problem doesn’t have to be connected with the … Read more

Behind the Scenes: Building an App like Cameo

Cameo is one of the hottest apps in existence at this moment, and it’s obviously got a lot of people wondering how developing an app like Cameo works. In this article, that’s exactly what we’ll be delving into, by deconstructing one of the most successful apps of the year. What is Cameo? If you’ve been living under a rock these past few months, Cameo is a video app that connects B-list and C-list celebrities from … Read more

Top 3 Android Money-Making Apps that Pay Real Money

Smartphones are now a lucrative business for anyone who cares about the extra dollars. The best thing about mobile devices is that you can access the internet from anywhere. Are you struggling to make ends meet? There are various ways of making money online, and the list of money-making apps is endless! Check out the leading money-making apps for your Android device: Swagbucks Swagbucks is a favorite money app for many. Why all the fuss? … Read more

The Best Mobile Apps for People Who Stutter

Did you know that over 70 million people worldwide struggle with stuttering? Yes, that’s roughly about 1% of the world population. But, there’s a general lack of information and awareness about stuttering. Vast majority of people who stutter aren’t aware of the latest techniques, exercises, tools, and applications that can help manage or reduce their stutters.   Here in this post, we will discuss mobile apps that cater to people who stutter. Disfluency Index Counter – … Read more

Top 7 Stealthy Ways to Track A Phone Location

How often does it happen with you that you wish you could find your loved ones’ location? Not a long time back, I was unable to reach my daughter, and I was super worried. I just wished there was some way to know if she was safe and sound. After detailed research and checking out multiple tools, I was able to find some of the top apps for location tracking. These apps will allow you … Read more

Location-Based AR Apps: Features, Benefits, and Challenges

In many people’s minds, the Augmented Reality technology is associated with Pokémon Go. This is due to the whooping success of this revolutionary game in 2016. However, much water has flown under the bridge since that time. Nowadays, AR is a powerful tool that offers a pool of benefits in many spheres of business. In our guide, we are going to have a closer look at one of AR types known as location-based or markerless … Read more

Top Apps to Help You Invest in 2020

Investments in good things will always be a good idea of spending money. Your investments are like a child. You have to be patient with them and take care of every single term related to that. In this time of 2020, the whole world is struggling with the problems, and you cannot get many usual services that you use to get. At this time, you need to use every single resource you can get, and … Read more

Top 5 Applications that Will Help You Learn Something New

The life of human beings today has described all learning activities and lectures attending as a far- fetched -dream. Regardless of how much we make attempts, learning activities will never be consistent. The main reason why all this happens is that all learning activities have been hindered with other things which we see as more significant than giving ourselves fully in learning centers or activities. However, we openly blame our daily busy schedule but ultimately … Read more

6 Trends to Start a Mobile App Development Business in 2020

Technology is evolving, and so are the expectations of prospects. The commercial market is growing dramatically, and businesses are looking forward to bettering their app development schemes. The use of mobile phones is increasing and with ever-evolving technology, it is difficult to find the best application that suits a user’s needs. Around the globe, almost 25 million mobile apps are downloaded each minute. With such great response, companies are racing with each other to create … Read more

Top 10 Best Android Apps for Singers

If you are a singer and want to make good songs then you can use android apps for your singing, you can record your songs in those apps and can enhance your voice. There are so many apps available on the android platform by using them, and you can do many things. Here is the list of best android apps for singers so that you will get an idea about these apps.  Best Android Apps … Read more

Explore the Top Android Apps for Managing Your Finances in 2020 & Beyond

When you are diligently keeping constant track of all your expenses and income, it could prove to be immensely helpful in planning your savings, estimating accurately tax returns, and ensuring that you do not end up spending more than you seem to be earning. For our daily existence, we are used to spending money on availing a host of services such as internet subscriptions, transportation, etc. Today, you are fortunate to have easy access to … Read more

Is it Safe to Play Apps & Games on your Mobile Device?

Mobile devices act as a catalyst for quick fun games, bringing in new players every-day. They take convenience to the next level and make it possible for people to enjoy the thrills of mobile games whenever they have a little bit of time. Not surprisingly, modern app sites like iTunes are mobile-friendly and offering things like free online casino games that are perfectly suited for the smaller displays of smartphones and tablets. The question that … Read more

Improve Your Mental Health With An App 

With the chaotic, high-speed world we live in, it’s no wonder that 1 in 5 American adults experience some type of mental illness each year. From stressful jobs to the hectic nature of daily life, symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions are more common than ever.  Fortunately, there are many kinds of effective treatment available for the millions of Americans living with mental illness. Cognitive behavioral therapy, antidepressant medication, TMS and other … Read more

15 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Marketers

For each aspect of the work of the marketing department, dozens of tools exist nowadays. In this article, we will talk about the best apps with which any member of your marketing team will be able to increase their work efficiency. Here is a list of 15 of the best tools to improve work efficiency.

The Best Mobile Apps You Should Be Using Right Now

As you already know, there are many mobiles apps out there. Of course, they’re not all equal. If you want to get the most out of your smartphone, you’ll want to download and use the best apps possible. This will allow you to keep entertained when you’re bored. It will also give you the ability to increase your productivity. By using mobile apps, you can do so much more with your smartphone. Within this guide, … Read more

Mobile Phone Apps That Help You Maintain Your Best Health

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay We all try our best to stay fit and healthy but, with busy schedules and full lives it can sometimes be a challenge. Staying on track with workouts and counting calories can get lost in the rush of everyday life. As technology continues to push into more of your daily life, it just makes sense to take advantage of it where you can. If you find yourself struggling to eat right … Read more

12 Best Apps for Tracking Your Health

It’s been said that the hardest part of going to the gym is going to the gym, meaning that physically getting up and driving to the gym is what takes the most motivation. Of course, driving your car is a lot easier than working out, but the saying represents people’s inclination to stay on the couch. Once you’re at the gym, it’s easier to do what needs to be done. Not to mention that your … Read more

5 Amazing IPTV Apps For IOS And Android That You Must Check

The world around is constantly changing. Where the television was considered as a luxury item a few decades ago, now it is being replaced by other options. IPTV is such an alternative to television that offers you a better deal where you don’t have to wait around, or change your schedule for your favorite program to air. You can get IPTV for android box and enjoy an experience like no other! Here are some IPTV … Read more

Mobile Apps to Help Make Your Resume Stand Out

One of the most important first steps for seeking employment is to make resume for a job, which not only escapes automatic sifting due to lack of keywords, but also grabs eyeballs to compel the recruiter to call you for an interview. However, gone are the days when the traditional methods of drafting resumes bore positive results. Today, it is technology that rules the job market. And the latest in this arena are mobile apps … Read more