Top 3 Free Mobile Spyware Apps You Can Try  

As a responsible parent, spouse or businessman, you might have at some point seen the need to monitor your kid’s, partner’s or employee’s cell phone for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you’re trying to protect your kids from the vices of society or you’re suspecting that your spouse is having an affair. Maybe you’re worried [...]

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Apps that Keep You Going from Dusk to Dawn – An Infographic

The importance of Smartphone in our everyday life is increasing day by day and activities are unquestionably endless. This is so because mobile phones are no longer the common communication device it used to be. It has become the extraordinary point of attention for people and businesses, courtesy of the various unbelievable features and opportunities [...]

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Downloadable Vs. No Download Slot Games

The legend says that long time ago people had to leave their homes searching for fun, company, even gambling. Imagine, in those primitive times, some people could even go miles away to Vegas, feel the thrill of casinos, see the lights of the city and enjoy many entertaining options it has to offer. Yes, some [...]

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10 Best Apps That Every Beginner Investor Should Use for Better Insight

Modern technology is changing the way today’s entrepreneurs and major corporate enterprises carry out their business activities in the marketplace. You cannot deny the fact that proliferation of smartphones in recent years is influencing people’s daily lives in a way very few experts could imagine. Even first-time investors are now joining this bandwagon. They depend [...]

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How to Find your Children through the Phone Tracking App

Finding the location of your children is important because the world today is full of dangers. Bullies, online predators and drug addicts are everywhere and now thanks to the serious surge in hate crimes, our children find them in a situation we had never experienced in our childhood. So if you want to know where [...]

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Who is Gaming via Mobile Apps?

The term gaming means different things to different people and probably depends on which generation you belong to and your overall view and immersion with video games dating back to consoles.  I hear the term "gaming" and this to me would be someone playing the latest Battlefield or Call of Duty game on the PlayStation [...]

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Kidslox Parental Control Review – Parental Controls for 2018

The new year is coming, but it feels like our kids have gotten there early. Between gaming apps, social media messaging and internet mastery, they’re very much natives of the digital future. Keeping up with them is hard enough, let alone staying one step ahead to make sure their screen time habits don’t become problematic. [...]

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Top 3 iOS Mobile Apps That Help You Bid Goodbye to Business Debts

Thanks to the Internet and technology, you no longer have to worry about debt management even as a business owner. You will find that you can now use your smartphones and iPad for debt management wherever you go. When it comes to mobile apps for debt management and reduction, you will find that they use [...]

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Ten Commandments for Mobile Game Development

Let’s start with some interesting facts. As per a Statista report, the gaming revenue is expected to grow over 44.2 billion USD by 2018. Another one is: ‘Angry Birds’ has become the most blacklisted game on all the corporate devices globally. Here the questions arise: How could ‘Angry Birds’ make it? We’ve heard that mobile [...]

10 Best Writing Apps for iOS and Android

Modern technological advances have done a lot for us. It is now deeply integrated into our society and transformed how we used to do things, including writing. Writing has undergone a huge change over the centuries, and the way writers go about their work changed, too. Our ancestors had their own writing system. They used [...]

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What Are the Best Mobile Apps for Today’s Small Business?

Whether you are building a website for a locally owned and operated small business or have a startup e-commerce site that you hope to grow one day, the Internet is your very best friend. This is how customers find you and this is how you keep them following you. However, just having a website isn’t [...]

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10 Mobile Apps that you need to Download

If there is one thing that has underpinned the success of the mobile platform, it is the freemium business model. This enables users to access superb applications for free, while also offering them optional, paid tiers that can enhance their experience. The sheer range of apps across Android and iOS is huge and growing with [...]

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What is Appticles? is a FREE nifty web-based platform which lets you create and manage cross platform mobile apps based on your blog and website feeds within seconds! As of now RSS, ATOM, XML & JSON feeds can be used. Needless to say, these days mobile device users constitute the vast majority of internet [...]

PressReader for Reading Newspapers on iPad

Believe me I am one of those people who uses Google Currents, AP Mobile, Pulse and various other news aggregate apps to get the latest headlines online.  Despite this I found that I missed having a local paper, I missed the detailed articles and specifically the more local news around the cities I cared about [...]

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