The Best Mobile Apps for People Who Stutter

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Did you know that over 70 million people worldwide struggle with stuttering? Yes, that’s roughly about 1% of the world population.

But, there’s a general lack of information and awareness about stuttering.

Vast majority of people who stutter aren’t aware of the latest techniques, exercises, tools, and applications that can help manage or reduce their stutters.  

Here in this post, we will discuss mobile apps that cater to people who stutter.

Disfluency Index Counter – Used to Measure Fluent/Disfluent Words or Syllables

Available only on the App Store for iPhone and iPad, Disfluency Index Counter is an app used by speech language pathologists (SLPs) to determine the percentage of fluent and disfluent words/syllables in the speech of people who stutter.

The app has been made by Smarty Ears, a company that provides a wide range of apps for speech, language, and communication. The current set of apps offered by ‘Smarty Ears’ is focused on speech & language development in young children.

SLPs can do a live count of the total number of fluent or disfluent words/syllables by pressing either of the two buttons. There is a simple and an advanced counter available.

The data made available by the app helps identify the types of disfluencies. An SLP can more easily determine blocks, repetitions, and prolongations in a stuttering person’s speech with this mobile app. The results produced by this app can be printed or emailed.

People who stutter can also use this app to study their disfluencies with the help of a person.  

This app does not help you reduce your stutters but it does point you in that direction.

Disfluency Index Counter app can be helpful for teenagers or adults, who plan on taking the self-therapy route.

Stamurai – An All-In-One Smartphone App for People Who Stutter

The highest-rated smartphone app for people who stutter or stammer, Stamurai helps kids, teenagers, and adults work on their stutters from the comfort of their home.

Available in the English language, the app is used in several countries. It is available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

While traditional speech therapy has its advantages, it’s both expensive and time-consuming. Stamurai, on the other hand, costs a fraction of what you’d otherwise pay and offers cutting-edge speech therapy.

With guided training plans customized for your speech disorder, standard stuttering related speech therapy tools such as DAF and metronome, and assessments for people who stutter, this mobile app turns into your personal speech coach for stuttering.

Kids young enough to follow instructions, teenagers, and adults can learn and practice stuttering exercises and fluency techniques recommended by experts in the field of speech language pathology.

The app has been tested by certified and practicing SLPs. Now, Stamurai has also begun offering video sessions moderated by experienced SLPs.


DAF (Delayed Auditory Feedback) is a type of altered auditory feedback that involves extension of the time period between speech and auditory perception.

It can include a dedicated device or a smartphone app like DAF Pro that uses a microphone to speak into and headphones/earphones to hear the voice a fraction of second later.

The delay is typically around 50 to 70 milliseconds when DAF is used to reduce stuttering. This way, DAF helps people speak more slowly. In DAF Pro, the delay can be in the range of 20 to 320 milliseconds. You can increase it by 10 milliseconds at a time.

Available on Apple App Store, DAF Pro is essentially a speech therapy tool that employs DAF techniques known to help people who stutter speak more fluently.

Although developed for people who stutter, DAF is also known to be helpful to people who have difficulty speaking due to Parkinson’s disease.

Besides DAF Pro, DAF Professional on Play Store, and Fonate DAF on App Store also provide this tool. Stamurai, discussed above, also offers this tool.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.