Top 5 Applications that Will Help You Learn Something New

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The life of human beings today has described all learning activities and lectures attending as a far- fetched -dream. Regardless of how much we make attempts, learning activities will never be consistent. The main reason why all this happens is that all learning activities have been hindered with other things which we see as more significant than giving ourselves fully in learning centers or activities. However, we openly blame our daily busy schedule but ultimately we end up being the biggest losers. Human perception and attitudes impact the abilities to learn. Normally, learning works well when we involve ourselves with things that win our attention in learning, and when we develop positive perceptions and attitudes towards learning. In improving our learning, write my essay advice you to use the 5 applications that will help us learn something new every day.

  • Health IQ

Health IQ is available for iOS devices but does not support any other platforms. However, it is worth testing what it offers and the best thing about Health IQ is that instead of counting calories and steps, it allows you to gain knowledge about your health. Depending on your current lifestyles, you can then take actions that will keep you healthy and how to learn something new. The app also provides an easy and interactive interface and you will never get bored as you take the quizzes. If you are curious about knowing more about your health and diet, then Health IQ is there for you.

  • Blinkist

Blinkist is one of the most favorite apps for many people around the world interested in reading many book collections. It is available for users using Android and iOS devices. This app provides summaries of more than 1000 books within the genre of non-fiction. Using the application, you can listen to these audiobooks that have been supplied through the Blinkist Library. The app allows you to explore what a book contains before you can make an actual purchase and you can write a research paper from these readings. You can decide to read about other different books and settle on if you need to make a purchase or not. In either way, the app makes you learn something new as you explore the library of books it offers.

Blinkist - Wikipedia

  • TradeHero

There are many people wishing to earn more money and have heard about investing but are unaware about the steps involved. If you are one of these people, then TradeHero is your app to get you started with investing. While the app does not allow you to invest by using it, it is a one-stop solution that will give you a rough idea about the market. The app allows you to invest virtually through the use of demo or fake 100S. By using this demo feature, you will learn a lot to a point of becoming an expert in investing in real market and make daily learning addictive. This app is available for both Android and iOS users. For those using Windows, the application does not support the platform.

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  • Accelerator – Speed Reader

This application is among the best apps for learning only supports iOS devices although another similar app for Android users exist by the name “A Faster Reader.” There are many reasons why this application is important for learning something new. Since we all crave to read more content but are unable to achieve this objective due to our slow speed of reading, this app comes in handy. The app will be critical in increasing the speed of reading while going through massive content of text. This app also facilitates reading a variety of articles from different sources particularly when browsing online. At the same time, the reading interface while using this “Accelerator –Speed” Reader is simplified but with a great user experience. For people that crave to read more content, this app is an example of apps for learning worth considering.

  • Duolingo

There are many people around the world who want to will make you learn something new every day or learn an additional or second language besides their mother tongue. However, to some, this is almost a far-fetched ambition that is often hard to achieve. The main reason why learning a new language is a dream to many is the busy working schedule or demanding studies at school. Sometimes, a lack of resources makes learning a new language a lesser priority. Duolingo app, available on Windows, iOS, and Android, will help you to learn any new language through the use of writing, speech, and pictures. Usually, studies that would take up to 11 weeks while attending real classes will take only 34 hours on Duolingo. This makes Duolingo yet another great companion for people who want to learn something new within a shorter duration.

Duolingo - The world's best way to learn a language

There are multiple applications that will help you to learn something new every day. This article has summarized some of the top best learning apps that will make you gain new knowledge that is important in your life. Since knowledge is power, you need to be anxious in gaining more of it daily to become more powerful. The applications in this article such as Health IQ and Duolingo can add to your already gained knowledge in school and become better every day.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.