How To Build A Popular Mobile App: 5 Ingredients For Success

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

Do you have an idea for creating a mobile software, but doubt whether you have enough knowledge and skills to create it? Even if you do not understand anything about creating mobile soft, you can still create it and even make money on it.

1. Searching for a problem and coming up with a solution

The best start to a project is to find the problem. The problem doesn’t have to be connected with the mobile phone or the app. Just think about the challenges people might face and how you can help them with technology. It is even better if there are problems that you face personally. Solving your own problems motivates you to work.

Put yourself in the user’s shoes, try to focus on the features that are really useful. It is not at all necessary at all to implement all your ideas in the first version. Leave minor ideas for future updates of the application. After the release of the soft in the AppStore, you will have a lot of user reviews, based on which you can draw conclusions about the need to implement this or that function.

2. Team

The composition of the team is formed based on the requirements of the project: the more complex the project, the more specialists are required and higher the cost of creating an app. The basic set of participants includes a project manager, a UX UI designer, at least two developers and a tester.

Larger projects may require two to four developers per platform, two designers and an analyst, devops consulting specialists.

Where to look for specialists?

If you want to take the easy, but more expensive route, then take a look at the sites of mobile application programmers. The AppBooker site allows you to enter your platform, country, budget, and then it will show you a list of specialists that suit your needs. Once you select a developer, you can see a list of their clients and the types of applications they specialize in.

Here are some questions to ask your future helper:

  1. What is the cost of their work?
  2. Who have they worked for in the past?
  3. Are their products successful?
  4. Will I have full rights to the program?
  5. Do they have the experience and knowledge to bring your idea to life?
  6. What platforms (IOS, Android, etc.) can they create programs for?

3. Developed prototype

UI UX design agency will help you at the step of prototyping and take care of the visual part of the app. Once you get the beginnings of a software, you have an opportunity to test the functionality of your idea.

4. Product visibility

Nielsen Media Research conducted a study that found that 63% of app sales were from in-app store searches. Therefore, make sure your product is displayed as high as possible. Compiling a list of keywords that can be associated with your application is a critical step. It is also important to maintain brand identity across multiple sites so that users clearly understand what they are looking for and are not surprised by the search results.

5. Investments

In the early stages of product development it’s best to be self-funded. But once it comes to expansion, it’s worth considering potential investors for your product. You can find investors from all over the world on the site using sites like AngelList, for example.

How much money can you actually make on mobile software?

The profit you make from your creation will largely depend on its popularity. It is extremely difficult to define unequivocally the amount of earnings.

A study from GigaOM Pro found that more than half of their 352 developers surveyed make less than 500 a month.

This is certainly not enough to live off the income from the app, but it’s great if you just want to earn some extra money.

Of course, you can make another hit like Angry Birds that will make you 100,000 a month!

In order to make good money on your program, follow a few tips:

  • program should be useful interesting to a wide audience;
  • research the most popular apps on the market;
  • nowadays, it is easier to earn money from iOS apps.

Don’t be afraid of failure and success will be in your pocket.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.