Top 5 Wireless Ax Routers In 2020

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This year 2020, has two beautiful rings in its name, but it proved a nightmare for all of us. No one has ever imagined that in this year, the coronavirus (COVID 19) will come, and it will not only take many lives but also change the operational aspects of the individuals drastically. 

In these COVID times, as the whole world will change its shift from offline to online mode, many workers will do their work from home, so this kicks in demand for the best wireless networking devices. Everyone wants wireless networking devices that work at a faster pace so the user will spend less time and also, at the same time, get better results. 

So, for the buyers, the best part of their purchasing would be when they spend their precious money on the products and get better results from it. This experience would be the greatest one, because there may be many people who earn less money. 

Suppose they want to purchase a worthy Wi-Fi. In that case, it becomes tough to decide based on the income, to choose which wi fi to fulfill their needs so for this I am going to tell you about individual AX routers each with their specific suitability, Pros, Cons and also features based on this information one can decide which Wi-Fi is suitable for their needs.

I think I may appropriately help all the buyers with my knowledge. I will be grateful if I will help you to choose the best one. I will not mislead you with certain information but just try to provide you with a brief idea about the AX router to provide you with the best one. You could check these articles by routerlogin. mobi to find more about the beacon interval and its login details.

With this motive, I am going to discuss the Top 5 Wireless AX Routers, which will help the buyers in getting the best and adequate networking as per their needs and also proved as a panacea for their networking problems:-

A) Asus Rt AX88u

1) Suitability:- This wireless AX router would be most suitable for those buyers who want future proof their networks. If you want the best device as per future demands, then go for it.

 2) Pros:- It has speedy performance, easy installation, uses the latest 802.11ax technology, Eight LAN ports, Robust QoS Settings, Built-in malware protection.

 3) Cons:- Expensive

4) Features:- Wireless specification-802.11ax, radius server, WPA.

Eight wired LAN ports,2 USB ports, Number of antennas 8, Number of Bands 2, Guest networking allowed.

B) Asus Rt AX86u Ax5700 Router

1) Suitability:- This wi-fi router will be the best gift for game lovers and suitable for home networking, so if you are doing work from home in online mode, go for it. If you are a game lover, then you can also choose this. In short, this will be suitable for buyers who believe in:-

“Hobby Is The Big Thing”

2) Pros:- Easy installation, reliable close-range performance, multi-gig LAN, Link aggregation, robust parental controls.

3) Cons:- Vertical mount only, Middling long-range, and excellent file transfer performance.

4) Features:- Armed with 2.5Gbps WAN, Good Game LAN port,2 USB 3.2 ports, a power switch, a power jack.

C) Linksys Dual-Band MESH WI FI 6 Router

1) Suitability:- Whether you are doing work from home or doing any online business which does not require hectic networking, then go for this performance router.

2) Pros:- Easy to install, Mesh capable, Solid close range throughout, speedy file transfer performance.

3) Cons:-Expensive, Lacks malware protection, No multi-gig LANE, No link aggregation, Middling long-range performance.

This one router provides up to 3000 square feet coverage and supports 40+ devices connected to it simultaneously and is a great for a large home with a lot of family members and devices.

D) Netgear Nighthawk AX 12 – Stream Wi-Fi 6 Router Model: RAX 120

1) Suitability: This AX router would be suitable for those users who require fast throughput and file transfer simultaneously. It will be ideal for those users who are doing work from home and need a good network connection to transfer files.

2) Pros:- Easy to install, fast throughput, fast file transfer performance, 5GbE port.

3) Cons:- Expensive, No malware protection, and limited parental controls.


E) Netgear Nighthawk AX88 – Stream Wi-Fi 6 Router Model: RAX 80

1) Suitability:- This wi-fi router will provide the same services as the previous one. Still, it has some cons over the RAX120 as it allows for limited malware problems and reasonable parental control.

2) Pros:- Easy to install, Strong 5 GHz throughput and file transfer performance, Link aggregation.

3) Cons:- Expensive, Lack of anti-malware tools.

4) Features:-High efficiency wireless, less network congestion, more significant client, it has excellent target wake time TWT to reduce power consumption, allows 30 users to share the same channels, good battery life,5 GB LAN port, USB 3 ports, a reset button, and a power jack, WAN

5)  It also support Amazon’s Alexa. 

Hopefully, I provided you with the relevant information that might help you choose the best AX Router as per your need and convenience.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.