Taidea Mini LED USB Cooler for Laptop Review

So every once in a while when we buy a product that we hope might be something cool we get a dud, and the Taidea Mini LED USB Cooler for Laptop is indeed a dud base on my initial attempts to get the device to work with my kids Lenovo Z575 and Z585 laptops.

In theory a Laptop Cooler that is designed like this should actually work better than a laptop cooling pad on the bottom of your laptop, as your exhaust vents for a laptop are often located on the side and generate a lot of heat.  My son has an older Lenovo Z575 that generates so much heat when he is gaming it often overheats and shuts off even with several different laptop cooling pads being tested under the laptop.

Hence I thought this product may do the trick, but it turns out this product is very flimsy with it’s materials that actually connect to a laptop and I think it may only have a slight chance of working with an all aluminum or metal bottom laptop.  The problem is the Lenovo Z575 is covered in plastic, so just trying to attach the Taidea Laptop Cooling fan isn’t possible as those little black suction cups that are supposed to adhere to the bottom of the laptop simply don’t stick at all.

The various attachments to cover the exhaust vent while flimsy and often bent at odd angles and positions do seem like they would fit if only the device would actually stick and adhere to the laptop.  When plugged into USB and lit and powered, you can feel the suction of the exhaust fan and one would assume it can suck out heat, but the fact there is no way to make the product stay in place on the laptop without jury-rigging some other adhesive products, Velcro or something means the product is defective as far as I am concerned and was sent back for a refund.

Now, if instead of suction cups they offered adhesive pads, Velcro pads, or some other form of adhesive as options instead of suction cups this may have worked, the company simply didn’t include some extra options for trying to get the laptop cooler to attach and hold onto the laptop.

Therefore this product gets a 1 star rating, hypothetically it might have potential and I am curious if other products in the same space work but won’t be experimenting with my own money to find out.

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