Technology Concepts that Will Change Our World

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Years go by and technology has evolved in all aspects. Technology has become something extremely indispensable in our lives, wherever we go we will use some technological advance and currently these advances range from intelligent robots and driverless cars to gene editing and 3D printing. Spectacular technological change is happening at full speed around us. All our areas of daily life are impacted by the technological growth that is taking place, the way in which we live, work and relate. Even the world of video games is immersed in this great technological growth, it is not uncommon to find players who use cheat engines to obtain advantages in video games or program AI to become more challenging opponents at competitive games.

For this reason, we have decided to do an expository essay to talk about 5 technological concepts that will change the world in which we live.

1. Mentality of the Centaur 

The fusion between man and machine is something that not only looks like science fiction, but is a very latent reality. From this idea comes the term “Centaur” to refer to a human being who performs daily tasks and always works with the help of machines.  (Yes, it is derived from the Greek centaur meaning half-human/half-horse and re-purposed).

This practice is becoming more and more common since the artificial intelligence that is used by the machines allows us to process and analyze more information more efficiently and faster than our brains can.

Nowadays, many people think about the aim of using these machines and the great benefits that these imply. As, for example: Robotics allows us to move heavy or fragile objects, which greatly facilitates the work of companies and industries.  Augmented exoskeleton frames for example will allow Firefighters and first responders to carry injured people with ease without risking neck and back injuries or perhaps even lift heavier rubble faster without self-injury.

2. Biosyncing

Technology has advanced with leaps and bounds over time, so the best thing we can do instead of competing against it is to work hand in hand with it. For this reason, we must make use of technologies that allow us to improve communication between us and our machines counterparts. From this objective arises “Biosyncing” which is this link that allows us communication.

Biosyncing makes reference to the mechanical symbiosis; that is, the development of a reactive circuit that increases the performance and the relationship of a machine and the human being. For this reason, Biosyncing ensures the necessary connection to fully immerse ourselves in convergent experiences.  Bio-syncing is also what will make amputees be able to fully control artificial limbs complete with complex finger and foot movements and eventually being able to use an artificial limb as naturally and effectively as a normal limb.

3. Immersive social experiences

Thanks to the recent technological advances, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality begin to work together to achieve a more immersive experience and greater possibilities of social interaction. However, in order to work together both technologies require modern and powerful equipment that can support these demands, so we must take into consideration the memory (RAM), graphics card and the computer temperature that we are using for this purpose.

In order to achieve a more generalized adoption of convergent technologies, immersive social experiences are absolutely necessary. Since these experiences offer us a wide range of opportunities that will allow us to develop characteristics with which we can satisfy the human need for interpersonal connections.  Just look at something like Ready Player One and imagine a VR World where you can meet avatars of friends and interact as if you were truly there with them in person.

4. Situated Media

Situated Media is defined as experiences in which content is delivered to users based on their location or other triggers like time, weather, or user heart rate. It merges the real world with the virtual world, gathering information about the objects that surround us and our physical location. We can gather infinite amount of information thanks to this technology.

This is all accessible from our cell phone, smartwatch or computer, thanks to a program called airserver that allows us to use our cell phone or computer as a receiver of content.

5. Digital inclusion as a human right

When talking about human rights, reference is made to all those inherent rights that all human beings on the planet possess, regardless of their age, sex, religion or nationality. A breakthrough in terms of technology is the approval of the UN (United Nations Organization) of a non-binding resolution that declares access to the internet as a basic human right. With the aforementioned concepts, we can realize that each day technology becomes increasingly indispensable in our lives. Thanks to its daily advances, it covers new areas, whether at work, education or entertainment.

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For example, in our daily lives situated media also allow our experience of browsing on the Internet to be more personal, since when collecting information of where we are located, it will provide us with offers and deals in our country or information about the best restaurants in the area. This information will benefit websites like GeekFuel, Ebay or Amazon to offer products and services according to our region.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.