Love Dragons? Check Out the All New Merch Store

I am happy to let our fans know that I have partnered with TeePublic and ported over our dragon and other art into the new merch store. One thing I really liked about TeePublic compared to my previous host was they have sales more frequently and offer incredible discounts, I was also able to get my DragonBlogger tapestry for less than $40 which was a steal.

I am committed to curating a ton of new art and prints in the merch store every month finding and adding new prints. Another cool thing is that with TeePublic I can search for art designs listed on TeePublic by other artists and feature them in merch on my store as well, so it is a win/win for other artists who create merch as well. For those who create art or run a merch store, you may want to check out TeePublic for yourself if you haven’t yet.

The quality shirts we got were from Hanes, and they have sizes up to 5XL which I ordered for James and he validated.

One of the most popular shirts currently is the art print I had created in honor of Nkda and his Hydrate or Diedrate phrase, which he always says on our Amazon Live streams, so the Hydrate reminder dragon I had created especially for him and his fans.

Hydrate or Diedrate Dragon - Drink Water

So if you don’t see anything you want, just let me know, drop us a comment here on the post, on discord, or in any one of our streams and let us know that type of art print you are looking for that you want to see added to our merch store! Is there a style of dragon, or a game content piece you want created?

Check back every week, you never know what new will be listed, and you can find a lot more than T-Shirts, you can find hoodies, hats, mouse pads, wall prints, tapestries and more.

Help spread the word and support dragonbloggers by checking and sharing some of our art prints.

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