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Template Faerie is a unique blog that provides great blogging tips for hobby bloggers, great information and critique on website add-ons, and the occasional review of social media tools and other blogging platforms. You may be thinking–well, there are plenty blogs on the web that write about the same topics. Then, I may have to say to you–that’s where you’re wrong.

Sara, author over at Template Faerie, is not out to scour the crowds of regurgitated blog  content found on many of the popular blogs on the net, she also isn’t out to tell you how to make money blogging, nor will she try and sell you the latest ‘101 ways’ to master SEO and Google. However, she will tell you about her own blogging experiences–and offer and extending invitations and information to help you blog, and oh yeah–how to create kick-ass template designs.

Her 5 Reason’s Why Only Some Bloggers Succeed is informative, and also helpful. She wants her blog to be a success–even better, she has the same inspirations for your blog as well. So, what the five key points of successful bloggers are:

  • They choose a good topic that they are keenly knowledgeable about.
  • Actively involve themselves in promoting their blogs.
  • Write consistent, original, and high-quality content.
  • Determination.
  • Uniqueness.

What was absolutely unique about reading the articles over at Template Faerie was–also her 5 Reasons why I Won’t Read Your Blog–and pretty much why you shouldn’t blog like these five reasons either:

  • Content that is full of typos and grammatical errors.
  • Fonts and colors that make a blog difficult to read.
  • Too many distracting advertisements.
  • Posts that are entirely too short.
  • Post that cover the same topics–that are covered on just about every other blog.

Personable, easy site navigation, and all around enjoyable articles to read featured on Template Faerie. I am very fortunate to add Sara’s blog to my list of valuable blogs to read from.

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