The Best Five Top Laners In League Of Legends

Someone who is taking a look at the best top laners in the new LOL patches should remember that a lot of these characters have been in and out over time. You have probably wondered if you could do something with these characters because they are not always going to be that reliable, but they have all been made much more reliable because of the way that the new patch has been done. This is a very simple way for someone to start planning for their future, and they have to be certain that they have tried them all if they want to get the best experience.


1. Yasuo

Yasuo could be one of the characters you take a look at when you are going to Aussy Elo for a pass, and you will find that you have to try this one first. This is the most reliable of all the characters that you could use, and you will notice that you can take over a game more often than not with Yasuo. There are some people who will let this one go by the wayside because they think that they should try something else, but you get the best possible returns when you are using this character.

2. AATrox

This is another character that could take over a game, but it will not be nearly as often as the others. You have to be careful because this character could come off as flimsy or hard to control. You might feel like you are in a very good position, but you could end up being in the worst possible position because you are using something that is almost. too slow for you to make any effective moves.

3. Camille

Camille is the kind of character that is alright half the time and great the other half of the time. You might try Camille because you want to have something that is not too hard to control, and you could turn to Camille because you realize that you do not want to be confused by all the different options that might come with other characters. Be certain that you ave considered this before actually investing in the character for any period of time.

4. Malphite

Malphite can be useless a lot of the time, and that could make it much harder for you to learn how to play the game. You might feel like you are not really about to contribute, but the player can be amazing if you catch the right sort of mission that requires the skills that it possesses.

5. Sion

Sion is last on this list, but this is a great character to use if you want to be a little more stealthy with the things that you do. You can use the element surprise to your advantage when you invest in Sion.

You must look at what can be done to have the best time playing League of Legends, and you also have to remember that you could invest in new top laners when the new patches make them easier to use.


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