The Massive Revenue Growth of eSports [INFOGRAPHIC]

eSports is on track to be a billion dollar revenue industry annually after having 30+% growth year after year, eSports was more commonly associated originally with South Korea and has rapidly been adopted by other countries and the western world over the past few years and will likely be a true contender against traditional sports television at some point though most people prefer to watch e-Sports from a computer at home you can still find venues that sell out where people attend to watch the eSports greats play.  A recent example is how The Esports Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada featured a $50,000 tournament on Saturday, April 21st, and it all revolved around guest competitor, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins who was the most streamed Twitch player in history garnering over 600k live viewers on his Fornite stream.

With that take a look at this excellent Infographic showing the tremendous growth of eSports over the past few years.

MonEy by Moneypod.

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