The Mobile App I Want to See Made and How it Can Get There

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There are numerous apps out there that provide various uses and help make our day-to-day lives that much easier. Over time I have thought about android app development and of many different apps that have eventually ended up being created and kicked myself in the head for not taking the time to do so myself. If I had created those apps I probably would be a lot more successful than I am today, or maybe not, but in this article I want to share with you one app that I have yet to see be made that I think would greatly improve the way we utilize movie and television streaming and make use of apps such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and other subscription-based media services, a whole lot easier.

I know for a lot of us, we tend to use movie and television streaming services in place of traditional cable tv services such as Xfinity, Time Warner, Spectrum and the like. Cord cutting has become something a majority of households have done nowadays and I cannot say I blame them. However, having multiple logins for many of these different services can be really frustrating for those that have different logins for each service. I know for myself I have about five different email accounts and I also share logins for some of these services with friends and family. Well, with the mobile app that I have in mind, it would make using all of these apps and their logins a lot easier to manage.

My Mobile App Idea

The idea is to have one app tie in all of your streaming services together into essentially one simple login. Imagine, if you will, being able to get on your phone whether it be your iOS or Android device, and have the ability to sign into each of your streaming services and tie those logins into one, main, log in. For instance, say you have Netflix and Hulu, but each account has its own separate email and password, or even if they share the same email and password but you want to login to both you can with my app.

However, there is a lot more to my app than just merely being a keyring to all of your streaming services. The app I have in mind also allows you to search for movies and television shows across multiple streaming services and more specifically, the ones that you are logged into. For example, say you want to watch the movie “Home Alone” and are not sure exactly what streaming service you want to watch it on. Normally you could either Google it or would have to go to each individual services app and search it that way, but with my app, all you do is search it up and it will tell you exactly which of the streaming services you pay for has that movie to watch. Better yet, you can even push a “Watch Now” button and be able to have my app take you directly to whatever streaming service said movie is on and it will automatically play.

Woxapp has developed over 100+ apps including this one, the TA-DA Shopping App

Now don’t get me wrong. This app sounds like a great idea, at least I am confident it does and I believe it would go over quite well with a majority of those that I know use streaming services. However, in order for this idea to take off, I need to get the app made and developed. When it comes to iOS and android app development, you need to find a place that can really help your idea become a reality. One such place that can help you do that is a site called “Woxapp” With Woxapp they can help you get your feet off the ground when it comes to whatever great mobile app idea you may have.

Woxapp helps turn your idea into an app that can be published to the Google Play store like the 7Likes Taxi App Example above.

Find a Mobile App Solution

Now I just gave an example of an app I would want to create, but this is by no means the only example.  If you have an idea for an ecommerce shop, a fitness app, a business app or even mobile tool you will find that Woxapp is a solution based mobile app development company that works with those who have an idea for an app in mind. They will create a user interface for your app that makes sense based upon your need whether your app is an addition to a site or something fresh and brand new. Woxapp will make certain that your ideas are turned into reality and also provide strong business solutions if that is what you are needing. I am confident that their solutions will help give you what you need when it comes to creating an app, whether it be to help those be able to enjoy their streaming services like my idea above or whatever idea you may have that would be useful for the market that you what your app to be geared towards.


We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.