Crystal Clear Captures with the TONOR TC30 Cardioid Condenser Microphone

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Regardless of whether or not you’re streaming, recording video, or even just gaming, quality audio is always a boon. Can’t well communicate with your team in a CS: GO game if they can’t understand you due to a poor quality microphone, can you? Nobody will stick around to watch a stream or video series if all your commentary was recorded on built-in earbud microphones either. Problem is, buying a mic that won’t break your bank while offering quality audio can be quite difficult with thousands upon thousands on the market every single day. What a hassle!

Enter the TONOR TC30 Cardioid microphone bundle. Aside from quality audio, it has everything you need to start streaming at a very reasonable price point. A microphone isn’t worth much if it can’t stand on its own and catches every single breath you issue into it after all. It’s also important that your microphone be compatible with both your laptop and your desktop, especially in today’s world where the majority of us are still doing everything via video call remotely. Work isn’t exactly easy when you can’t communicate with your co-workers in a clean, efficient manner. So, without further ado, let’s get started on talking about the TC30.

When you unbox the TONOR TC30 Microphone you get a shock mount and pop filter which usually are separate products you have to purchase. This is exceptionally easy to install mic. It’s almost zero assembly, just install the pop filter to the mic tripod, then plug and get to creating.

The shock mount included is actually excellent. The effectively reduces noise caused by your mouse, keyboard, any outside sources such as your heating or cooling system, or even just sound from you touching your microphone. This is exceptionally valuable for a starter microphone, as speaking from experience not every desk likes a screw-on scissor mount and will fuss till you find the perfect angle.

The TC30 uses a Cardioid pickup pattern. What this means is it has an excellent off-axis suppression function, meaning it captures more of your voice, less of the dogs barking in the background (My primary issue nearly constantly when I’m recording), and background noise in general. This is basically a required thing if you want a good, quality recording for anything, and will ensure you get crisp, clear tones without the crunchy distortion of artificial noise suppression systems generally employed via audio software such as reaper or audition. This makes the TC30 a quality microphone all on its own, but it’s got more to it than that.


So on to the final summary of what the bundle comes with. When you purchase this value-packed bundle you get a condenser microphone, a shock mount, a foldable mic tripod that fits said mount, a pop filter, and a USB Type-C to USB-A 2.0 cable, as well as your user manual. The cable is compatible with macs, pcs, PS4, and if you own an adapter, even your iPad. Unfortunately for phone users and Xbox users, this mic doesn’t support your devices even with an adapter.  The lack of needing an software does make it just plug and play and you can get even better background noise removal if you just use the Nvidia Broadcast software, so this is an excellent starter mic that gives you a great sound that is clear when you hold your face fairly close to the mic.    

Watch the TONOR Mic Test Video

Final Thoughts

The TC30 would make a fantastic starting microphone or a solid microphone for even a seasoned audio enthusiast. It’s got a cheaper price point than many microphones of its class while still offering all the value you’d expect from an expensive, likely harder to set up microphone. TONOR is also a dedicated audio brand, and in my personal opinion, if you’re looking for a good microphone from anyone, that’s where it counts. You will want it on a boom arm if you sit upright in your chair or are some distance away from your desk to get the mic a bit closer to your mouth but overall this is a great and highly recommended mic.

You can also find this microphone and boom arms at TONOR direct website as well here:


We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.