Top 10 Apps to Increase your Work Productivity Today

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Being diligent and burying yourself down in office work may help you to be seen as a ‘busy body’ by your boss. But in being smart lies the key to climb up the corporate ladder. Do not worry as augmenting your work productivity is no longer a big deal. Wondering how to go for it? A smart phone with its loaded apps can do the trick for you. Here is how.

  1. Camcard

Right from under your car seats to the wallet corners, business cards can be fished out from simply anywhere. Don’t you think it is high time you put an end to these cards popping out from nowhere? If yes, do not wait further to get this one downloaded.

All you got to do is to get the business cards scanned with your phone camera. Instantly, the details are added to your contact list and you can forget all about stocking up the card somewhere for easy access next time. However, glance over the stored information one last time to check for irregularities such as letter ‘S’ wrongly entered as number ‘5’ and the like.


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  1. Cloudmagic

This tool is a true leader when it comes to email management. This is a highly innovative app with an extremely user-friendly interface. Its minimalistic design is indeed a real advantage. With its unique ability to draw from quite many types of email accounts, this one truly weaves magic by saving your time and effort.


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  1. Clear

No more of those hapless “Sorry, I forgots” and the embarrassment I brings along. You just have to get this useful app downloaded not to forget anything ever again. This one is not just a simple list of reminders. Those brightly sketched movable tiles, the shades of which changes based on your priority, is the highlight. Now you know how to tackle the curse of oblivion.


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  1. Sunrise Calendar

This one gets the calendar embedded nicely on your smart phone screen. The design is extremely simple and works in real time. You can customize it and get birthdays or facebook events added. Based on your location, the app provides you timely weather forecast as well. It will not turn you off by displaying crowded event schedules.


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  1. Turboscan

An efficient document scanner, in fact, saves your day. No need to go through the disastrous process of scanning documents on a smart phone. Turboscan is a reliable app, which gives you an end result similar to that of a typical scanner. The scanned documents can be easily sent across as PDF or in jpeg formats.


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  1. Google Docs

Hats off to this wonderful mobile word processing app from Google! This is in fact the most appropriate device to get the job done, without any complexities. Ideal to sync and share documents. With options to add comments, this one is suited for editing jobs. You can save your write-ups with a password as well.


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  1. Evernote

Nothing can replace this one. Evernote is ideal for anyone and everyone! You never know how effectively this one saves your time and effort until you get it downloaded. Cross platform integration is an added benefit. This is the perfect way to keep a note of whatever you want to. If it is in your mind, get it reflected here. From task lists to grocery lists, jot it all down in bits and pieces.


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  1. Keepersecurity

When was the last time you kept racking your brain but could not recollect a password? If that one sounds like your type, the app is just for you. Do not let yourself go through the nightmare of forgetting passwords again. Instead, get this little add-on downloaded. Its ability to sync important data saves you from the trouble of hitting with the wrong passwords in vain and finally making a mess out of it. You can effectively put the time thus saved for productive use.


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  1. Speek

Conference calling is indeed a tiresome job, especially when it involves people from different locations. But is does not need to be so messy. Why waste your time and resources when there is an app tailored exclusively to suit the purpose, that too fully free of cost.

All those who wish to be part of the meeting should pick up a personal link and all you need to do to join in the conversation is to click on that link. No hold music or crackling voices to test your patience and absolutely no involvement from third parties. Even while when you are traveling you can take part in meeting, that too, with the least fuss.


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  1. Shoeboxed

If you find yourselves out-of-station more often than at office, this one is a must-have in your smart phone. If you need to keep traveling for business purposes, you are sure to have a tough time keeping proper track of those receipts. The tedious task of claiming expenses is sure to loot most of your time, while back at office.

Using your smart phone, just keep scanning all your receipts on the go. Collating it all and fixing your expense report gets done in a jiffy without you even knowing it! All you need to do is to send it across for submission! Quite impressive!


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In today’s world, being work efficient is all about meeting deadlines unconditionally, without compromising on quality. Alleviate your workload and you will get more time for productive work. With the perfect apps loaded in your smart phone, you can hit the mark easily at all the different levels of business.

All the above mentioned apps are both efficient in terms of usability and simple in terms of functionality. This is also the sheer reason why they stand out from the rest.

Author Bio:

This article is authored by Sunu Philip, the Inbound Marketing Head for Cabot Technology Solutions – an IT consulting firm specializing in web and mobile technology solutions. Cabot offers progressive end-to-end business solutions, blending a solid business domain experience, technical expertise and a quality-driven delivery model.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.