Top 15 Free Alternatives for Handbrake

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It is no secret Handbrake is one of the most efficient video converters and it is famous for excellent results. Handbrake provides user friendly interface and offers you codify the double soundtrack and perform double conversions. The application has lots of great features including encoding library, great command over audio tracks, awesome interface, synchronized functionalities and much more, but in the meanwhile some of the users have stability issues along with the complaints of the system crash. Considering such important aspect, we are here to narrow down the list of Top 15 free alternatives for Handbrake, for better understanding, the tools have been categorized into online tools and desktop tools.

Online Tools:

1. Zamzar:


Zamzar is a free online video converter used for MP3, MP4, 3GP, WAV, FLV and hundreds of other music and video conversions. This is one of the most considerable audio, video and music conversion tools because of various reasons which including formats, speed, convenience and experience. It requires no software to download, just select the file and choose a format from a range of its supported formats and have your converted file within next few minutes. Full customer support and easy access to this tool has made it a recommended online video and audio conversion tool.

2. Online Convert:


Online convert provides an easy access to several different online conversions including images, audios, videos, music, Ebooks, archives and documents. In addition, it also offers hash generator to use it anytime. Online convert offers the best services with full customer support, you just need to select the required conversion, browse the file to be converted and have the result within few minutes. In case, if you have not got what you actually wanted then you can contact the service providers via email.

3. N°1 Free online Video Converter:


We can convert batch files to MP4 or AVI format and much more by using the online service. No matter what format you are choosing, N°1 Free online Video Converter offers high quality output exactly what the users want.

4. Clip Converter:


Whether it is about recording, conversion and downloading any video or audio in a range of formats, clip converter is used for high quality results. This tool supports YouTube, Dailymotion, Direct Download and many more. You can watch different videos on cell phones and using this free and fast online converter. You just need to follow a simple process to download and convert a YouTube video with the help of this efficient video conversion tool.

5. Convert Files:


Convert Files works with a range of file formats, it allows you to convert your documents, videos, images, music files, spreadsheets and archive files from one format to the other in an efficient manner.

6. Convert2MP3:


Without any registration, you can use it to download YouTube and Dailymotion videos from the website and convert it into MP3, AVI, WMV and MP4 format at no cost.

Desktop Tools:

7. Wondershare Free Video Converter:


Wondershare video converter comes with a huge range of supported file formats which including WMV, MP4, 3GP, AAC and many more. It is a user friendly video converter that supports Windows 8 and allows you to convert numbers of audio and video formats easy, free and compatible with high quality. It also allows you to perform various editing functions including cropping, trimming, merging, rotating and adding watermarks and subtitles to enhance the digital enjoyment.

8. Freemake:


Freemake Video Converter is designed to convert the multiple format videos free of cost, great quality and exclusive features are waiting for you. No additional requirement you need to fulfill, just install the software with easier access and enjoy this amazing alternative to the paid products.

9. WinFF:


WinFF is not only available for the latest operating systems, but it is also available for Linux and Windows 95, 98 and XP. It is an open source platform made to convert videos and audios from one format to the other.

10. Any Video Converter:


Any Video Converter does not only assist you to convert your videos to MP3 and MP4 file format but with the help of this tool you can also download online videos from various sites. Besides converting the file, you can also clip, rotate, edit or crop your videos. In addition, Any Video Converter provides you an option to burn your videos into DVD movie that can be played on the DVD player and TV.

11. Koyotesoft:


A simple and friendly video converter is none other than Koyotesoft, it offers you a simple way to convert, edit and play your video on any device. It supports multiple formats and offers high quality video resolution.

12. Miro:


Along with the incredible effects, Miro offers compatibility with multiple audio and video file formats. The main purpose of this software is to convert whether large or small video file into the selected file form.

13. iWisoft:


Powerful editing functions, multiple audio and video formats and high quality conversions to and from different formats are the guaranteed features of iWisoft. Enjoy your videos with special effects free of cost.

14. Videora:


Experience your YouTube videos, DVDs, movies and video files conversion with Videora to play them on the video playing devices. This software converts a huge variety of video files such as MPEG, VOD, X264, FLV, XVID and DIVX into multiple video formats supported by Windows and Mac.

15. Format Factory:


Format Factory can convert all kinds of video formats to different ones, you have an option to select the source and destination file format all with the same quality. And it has huge user groups because of its great features and easy to use interface.

So what you think about the free selections of the Handbarke alternatives? Do you have any other better options not mentioned here? We are always open to hear your voices.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.