Top 4 Recommendations for Portable Blu-Ray DVD Players

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While online streaming, flash drives, and cable TV have put a strong strain on the significance of DVDs over the past few years, DVDs still remain an awesome way to get entertainment or watch and listen to stuff you love. They’re also a great option to store important files as a backup. For this reason, DVD players still remain significant, which is why home theatres come with a DVD player, many video games have a DVD version, and you’ll find DVD players even in modern cars. If you’re a frequent traveler or your car didn’t come with a DVD player, a portable Blu-Ray DVD player can be an amazing asset.

Whether you’re going camping or you’re just bored at home in bed, a portable Blu-ray DVD player brings video entertainment just where you are. However, there’s a wide range of these devices on the market, and not all of them are the same. Some are more energy-efficient, have better displays, and incorporate amazing features that add convenience and make your experience better. On the flip side of the coin, some are a total mess and will make you regret spending your money buying such a device.

Just for some ideas so you can make an informed decision, here are the top 4 recommendations for portable Blu-Ray DVD players.

Maxmade Portable DVD Blu-Ray Player

In addition to a compact, ultra-light design for portability, Maxmade’s Blu-Ray player boasts a wide range of incredible features, including powerful speakers, LED lighting, and HD resolution that delivers an amazing experience to the viewer/user. No wonder it’s listed among the best portable blu ray DVD players in 2020 according to ListAmazing. When fully charged, the player can give up to 5 hours of uninterrupted entertainment, thanks to the 2700mAh Li-ion battery. If you’re not playing DVDs, you can also use the input and AV output to watch your favorite TV shows.

Sony (BDPS3700) Streaming Blu-Ray Player

When it comes to electronics, Sony is among the most reputable companies anyone can think of. Their products are great and they’re always a step ahead in technology. The elegantly-designed Sony BDPS3700 portable Blu-Ray disc player promises great performance while combining style and functionality to give you all the benefits of a portable Blu-ray player seamlessly. It is compact for easy portability, comes in black, and features a 9.1-inch display that you’ll well appreciate. It also features a strong Wi-Fi connection feature that allows you to stream HD videos from around the internet through various apps, making it more than just a DVD player. Like many other Blu-Ray players, it comes with a remote control function. The superior Dolby TrueHD Sound feature sets it aside from the rest.

CUtrip Portable 10.1-inch Blu-Ray Player

In addition to a full HD 1080p playback on a 10.1-inch display screen, this portable Blu-ray DVD player adds convenience with its swivel feature that lets you watch your videos from whichever angle you’re comfortable with. The Dolby surround sound is amazing and thanks to its HDMI output, you can even connect it to a larger screen and use it as a regular DVD player. With a single full charge, the portable DVD player can give you up to 3 hours of flawless entertainment. It comes along with a car charger as well as an AC adapter, meaning that you can connect it directly to a power source if you have no time to recharge the battery. It also features an SD port, a USB port, and IR remote control.

NaviSkauto 10.1-inch Portable Blu-Ray/DVD Player

Last but not least, the 10.1-inch NaviSkauto player is another amazing option, especially for car entertainment. In addition to supporting full HD 1080p playback, it also offers Dolby surround audio and features a swivel that allows viewing at various angles. Thanks to its HDMI output, it can also be connected to an HD TV for a better viewing experience. What’s more, it can be mounted on the back of the car seat’s headrest so the kids or passengers on the backseat can enjoy some flawless entertainment. It offers up to 5 hours of viewing on a single full charge and comes with a car charger alongside a 1.5m AC adapter.

Portable Blu-ray disc players are an amazing way to get good entertainment in your car or away from your living room. If you pick a good one, you will hardly regret your decision. The above are just a few recommendations you might want to check out as you head to your purchase.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.