Top 6 WordPress Plugins for Optimizing Images

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

WordPress is by all means one of the most versatile content management systems around. If you are running a blog or website, on this CMS you can even get better image resolution through plug-ins.

WordPress reckons over 409 million people are using blogs and 61.8 million posts are created every month. Clearly, you can gain much by making images on your web page more enhanced using plug-ins. These tools extend the functionality of your page in terms of images.  One common element with most of the plugins is around Optimizing Images which means compressing them without losing noticeable image quality so that your images are smaller file sizes and allow for your blog post or page to load faster because the images are compressed more efficiently.

As they say, it all starts with knowing what is hot in the industry and these are as listed below:

1. Image Elevator


Image Elevator not only allows you to simply cut and paste images from your screen clipboard right into your WordPress post editor, but also dynamically compresses uploaded images you cut and paste into your WordPress posts on the fly as it uploads them to your WordPress media repository.  You can set the size limit, such as compressing all images that are 75k and larger in size, or even compress images that are 10k in size or larger.  It also lets you default the size of images when you copy/paste them into your WordPress post editor and the premium version of Image Elevator is one of the most recommended plugins we can make on this site.

You can read our full review of Image Elevator Here:

2. Widgets Controller

This is the paramount tool to manage your page widgets. With a few mouse clicks, you will be able to hide or show widgets depending on the one you want to use at one particular time. It is ideal or beginners because no PHP knowledge is required.

Widgets Controller is easy to install and maintain and enables you to manage posts and pages by section of category services. Another crucial feature is the 404 page facility, check all and uncheck all capability among other benefits.

3. Fancy Gallery

To give your page that unique touch, you can use this plug-in because it offers myriad layout variations. It makes control and customization of your photos a delight as you can add albums and even embed variety of media including images, photos, videos to mention but a few. It offers:

· User-friendly AJAX support administration

· Easy use by creating galleries by dropping images a

· Allows multiple image download.

· Different widgets such as single album display, create list of album links among others

· HTML generator to use galleries on other websites

Clearly you can create a fascinating page using this easy to install Fancy Gallery plug-in.

4. Hammy

It is time to optimize your page images using this ingenious plug-in. Images of varying sizes are generated based on your content size. In essence it not only enhances images but also speeds your page.

A page visitor will receive the most appropriate images for a better viewing experience especially on mobile. Hammy will help you give mobile users a better experience and leverage on their huge numbers. It is used by top web design gurus who appreciate the importance of images in captivating users.

5. Imsanity

With everyone optimizing on images you might have problems with resizing of bulk images on your page. Imsanity resizes uploaded images if they are larger than the maximum size you have set. Users on the page will still be able to view the image in larger than standard size.

It also helps free up disc space by bulk resizing previously uploaded images. You can also convert BMP files to JPEG for easier resizing but this is optional.

6. CW Image Optimizer

This is another apt plug-in that ensures images on your page can be reduced without loss in quality. It ensures that your page will loader faster and you will also get faster backups due to smaller file sizes. CW Image Optimizer saves you bandwidth which is obviously costly.

Though similar to Yahoo’s, your files will not upload to a third party as it utilizes Linux littleutilis image tools. If you want users to enjoy super-fast speeds on your page, this is the best plug-in to download now.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.