Kinivo BTX450 Bluetooth Speaker Giveaway

The Kinivo BTX450 Bluetooth Speaker is by far one of the best Bluetooth speakers I have ever reviewed, it performs better than speakers costing twice as much in some cases and is the ultimate Bluetooth speaker if you like watching movies or TV shows on your tablet but want room filling sound, or if you want to fill a room with music while playing it from your Smartphone.

We are giving away a Kinivo BTX450 Bluetooth Speaker to one lucky reader!
Kinivo BTX450 Bluetooth Speaker Giveaway

Enter for your chance to win, all entries are optional and the more entries you have the better your odds of winning. Note that there is only free shipping to U.S. only, but you are welcome to enter from anywhere we can ship to, and go to to get shipping rates to decide if you want to enter and see if the shipping cost is worth it if you live outside the U.S.

You can also read my full review of the BTX450 Bluetooth Speaker from Kinivo if you want more details about it too!


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