Travel Gadgets You Shouldn’t Live Without On Vacation

Travelling can be a nightmare if you are unprepared. In this age of connectivity and constant communication, we expect to be able to access information and get in touch with other people in seconds and that technological need does not go away when you go on vacation. Travel smart with these gadgets you shouldn’t live without on your vacation!

1. Battery Banks

Yes, you can charge your phone or tablet in a hotel room but do you really want to be restricted by your phone’s battery life? Give yourself extra time to explore with a few compact battery banks that you can slip into a bag or backpack. We do just about everything on our phones and you never know when you’ll need it. Battery backups will keep you from fleeing life-changing experiences to find a powerpoint.

2. Sleep Headphones

Honestly, headphones that let you sleep comfortably are incredibly useful on vacation for a number of reasons. If you are going on a long trip they are so much more comfortable than normal in-ear or over the ear models, and if your accommodation is noisy you can drown out the night time sounds with music or podcasts. They are also easy to pack into a small bag and are great as workout headphones.

3. Solar Laptop Charger

Laptops don’t have the same battery life as phones but they are much easier to use for a wide variety of purposes. A solar laptop charger is a great way to extend your laptop’s battery life but it’s important to check out reviews on sites like as not all solar chargers are created equal and you don’t want to find out that you have bought a dud in the middle of your vacation.

4. OTG Cable

Less a gadget and more a connection between gadgets, an OTG cable allows you to connect a wide variety of USB gadgets to your phone or tablet. These cables can be brought for Android and Apple devices and are an inexpensive bit of tech that could transform the way you use your phone on vacation. Some people use OTG cables for watching movies from USB thumb drives, others use OTG cable to connect a USB keyboard to their device.

5. Digital Camera

Have you ever come back from a vacation with a bunch of blurry photos that show a speck in the distance that was supposed to be the focal point of the picture? Phones are great for quickly snapping a picture of yourself or friends but prove to be woefully inadequate when you are attempting to capture the picturesque beauty of a rainforest or the impossible cuteness of a fairy penguin migration. Pack a DSLR camera for your trip and you can properly preserve those memories.

While you don’t want to be spending your whole vacation tied to your devices. It’s also important to have these things on hand so that you can document your trip, get work done if you really have to without spoiling the vacation and entertain yourself on long journeys. Vacation planning is all about eliminating hassle and with these must-have gadgets you can minimise the impact that technological constraints might have on your holiday.

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