Ukonnect 5 Port USB 3 Hub with Charging Port

So I travel occasionally with my Razer Blade 2014 laptop which is small, portable and at 14″ the only real thing it has as a limit is the # of USB ports is limited.  This is where a USB 3 hub is invaluable and Ukonnect provided me with a 5 port USB 3 hub to review which has the 5th USB port just for charging cell phones.  Because this hub is not powered by a separate AC power, and draws all it’s power from your computers USB 3.0 port it can only output 1A to charge cell phones, hence why you can’t charge tablets with it.

But I don’t mind, I had a 3 port USB 3 hub prior and this one is just that much better, having 5 ports (1 for charging) allows me to have my travel USB Mic, USB headphones, USB receiver for my mouse and my USB plug for my Keyboard without having to tie up more than a single USB slot on the notebook itself.  Transfer speeds to various media devices was absolutely no different than using my Kingston USB sticks in the USB 3 port on the laptop itself.

Sure, there are USB hubs with more ports, but most will require separate AC power connection and aren’t as portable, this one is small, thin and easily travels with you giving you the extra ports that you need while traveling with a laptop.  I have a 7 Port USB station at home, but when I travel this Ukonnect 5 Port USB hub now goes with me wherever I go. I also have it plugged into my Razer Blade all the time under my desk for my speakers, laptop cooling pad, and use it in conjunction with my 7 port USB 3 hub.

Disclaimer:  Ukonnect did provide us with the 5 Port USB 3 hub so I could do a thorough and accurate review.  All opinions are 100% mine and mine alone.

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