Ultra-Thin Membrane will Turn your Eyes into Lasers

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A lot of technologies that we currently use were considered to be mere science fiction only a few decades ago. Who would have thought that one day we could talk and see people who are living continents away? Or that we can pay money without having to hold cash or give it? But scientists keep on thinking, developing and inventing technologies and devices that are meant to change our lives.

Most of the new inventions that we currently use started as fun or even crazy idea. But it took years of devotion, work, and dedication to transform them into tangible and real inventions that people can have access to.

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Ultrathin Membrane to Change your Vision and your Life:

Although scientists haven’t yet been able to create a superhuman that has superpowers, yet the dream seems to be very easy to realize right now. A team of scientists at the University of St Andrews has created an ultra-thin membrane that could instantly give you supervision powers.

The laser membrane contains semi-conductors that could safely enhance the vision without harming the eye. This membrane is very thin, flexible and very durable. It is designed so that it works for several months without having to be maintained.

Although this technology is still in an experimental stage, in a few years, it will be publicly accessed and easily used in several industries and sectors. After a few years, it might even be used by regular individuals who don’t mind attaching this thin membrane to a regular contact lens.

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Why Would You Need Laser Eyes?

Having a laser eye won’t enable you to vaporize your enemies or even know what is going on behind closed doors. Nevertheless, it is one of the best inventions that could be used for several purposes.

So far, this technology has been tested on a cow’s eyes to make sure that it doesn’t affect the eye health. But later on, a lot of people see potential for this technology in security and biophotonics. This membrane can be worn by surgeons who are conducting microscopic surgeries to remove tumors. It will enable surgeons to see the body tissues at a very small scale that is so far impossible using the current technologies. This lens can be easily attached to a microscope lens and won’t lose its laser properties.

In the security industry, this thin laser membrane could be attached to a banknote, to a portable device or any other object, giving the user access to see the details even when they are not present in the same place.

New Possibilities:

The fast and sometimes unbelievable progress of technology is an intriguing topic. Students who are studying this topic understand how challenging it can be especially if they are supposed to write a research paper about it. Nevertheless, it is always easy to find a good essay writing service to finish your research paper on your behalf. But if you really want to learn about this topic, you will have to think about some of the devices and tools that you currently use.

If you travelled in time and told someone that you can easily locate a place on a screen or can see someone who lives thousands of miles away, they would think that you are making fun of them. A thin lens that will enable you to see very fine details is no different. Scientists are currently working to make this technology accessible and wearable.

The Future Looks Promising:

It is quite possible that in the future, more people will have access to this technology. It might be easy to visit an eye specialist and have this membrane attached to a contact lens or your eye. This membrane will enable you to see sharp lines on a flat background or even the ones and zeros of a barcode.

In medicine, breast cancer patients usually have to go through a second or even a third procedure because their surgeons were unable to remove all the cancerous tissue in the first go. But this new technology will enable surgeons to see the removed tissue and examine it thoroughly to minimize the risk of another painful surgery.

It is impossible to think of all the possibilities that this technology can bring. It can be used in a numerous number of safe applications since it won’t harm the eyes. Only time will enable us to see its amazing real-life applications.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.